Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

Ben and I have been happily married now for 9 months! We are enjoying every minute of life, and can't wait for the joys that wait around the corner. I thought I would write a quick update as to our crazy life thus far (like a Pre-Christmas card and Post wedding announcement).


We were married on December 22nd, 2006 in the Jordan River Temple in South Jordan, Utah. Ben and I wanted the ceremony to be very small and private, and we got our wish. Our marriage in the temple was the most beautiful and fulfilling thing we have ever been a part of. It was (and is) sacred and solemn, and we are so glad that we made the decision to keep such a sacred ordinance quiet and reverent. Because of the day which we chose to be married on, Ben and I knew that people were going to be busy with Christmas shopping, seeing as it was the Friday before a Monday Christmas. We had a small gathering of family and friends for lunch after the ceremony, and by 3 o'clock, everyone was free to continue preparing for the holiday. Though some look at weddings as an entire family ordeal, Ben and I didn't want to take away from the overwhelming spirit that enveloped us that day, and so we made another decision to only have friends and family at the lunch who were already in the area. The luncheon (not reception) was beautiful, and we are, again, glad we chose to do things this way.

After we were married, Ben and I flew to Hawaii and spent our honeymoon and Christmas on the island of Kauai. Flying back home to Salt Lake City, and then driving to Rexburg, ID was heartbreaking after a week in paradise!


I am sure some are wondering why we waited 9 months to send out announcements (people like my mother!), and this is why. LIFE! When Ben and I returned to Idaho, we started school. We were managing a small single-student apartment/house of girls, as well as both being full time students. I started to get sick, and school was put on the back burner. When we finally pin-pointed the medical problem, we were able to address it, and things were starting to calm down!

By the end of March, things were going great. Ben left with the Jazz Band (Sound Alliance) here at BYU-Idaho for Chile, and spent 3 long weeks touring and returning to where he served his mission. While he was enjoying touring, I was getting sick again. However, this time, it wasn't a problem. On Easter, Ben and I found out that we were going to be expecting our first child in December!

I was still trying to go to school, but the first while of being pregnant didn't settle well with my body. So again, life was pretty rough. We also found out that we were going to have to move, as our Landlord sold the house to someone else, and their need for managers was already met. Though I was sick, and though Ben and I had projects and finals to work on, we moved up the street to where we live now.

After moving and finishing the summer semester, we had a 7 week break. We decided to travel. I was finally feeling well, so we went to Bryce Canyon, Chicago, Yellowstone, California, and back to Hawaii. We returned right before this semester of school, and again, we sad to have to be back in Idaho rather than Hawaii!

So now, we have time to send out announcements!! Ben and I live a wonderful life, and we are happy with everything that we have. However, we do have a child on the way, and the closer it gets (less than 10 weeks now), the more we realize that we aren't as prepared as we wanted to be. So, though we do have our wedding registry on our website, we have also posted a link to our baby registry for all you philanthropists...

Thank you all so much for being in our lives (as family, friends, or friends of our parents)! We know that the reason we are who we are is because of all of you!


Ben and Rochelle Mathews