Tuesday, January 29, 2008


OK- I have been tagged.  I guess I am supposed to write 6 things about me.  Well- seeing as this is OUR blog, maybe I will split it up between all 3 of us.  
1. Aside what you all may think- Ben actually likes to watch GOOD chick flicks!  His sister called me once to inform me of a great movie that had just been released.  She told me that Ben might not like it... guess what!?  He loved it!
2. Ben also paints his nails!  Because he plays guitar, he needs strong nails- thus- the nail polish.  We had construction guys putting windows into our apartment a few months ago.  While the men were standing there smoking, Ben asked, "Rochelle, have you seen my nail polish?"  They all got the funniest look on their faces!
3. Ben has rubbed shoulders with Alec Baldwin.
4. Rochelle has sang for President Hinckley on two different occasions (it was also for a room full of alumni, but h
e was only a few feet in front of me!).
5. Rochelle loves MTV and VH1... I know that they aren't the best shows, but I find a lot of the reality shows hysterical!
6. Grant loves to scream.  We think he likes to get us frustrated... he's getting practice for 15 years from now!


Grant's been smiling for us a lot more lately, and we finally figured out how to catch it on camera!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Blast From The Past

I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures from when Ben and I first started being friends and then dating. Enjoy!

Back in 2003- Rochelle's first year at school, and Ben's first year back from the mission... Rochelle knew someone on his team and came to watch them play...but never met Ben until 2006... was it fate? Who knows! (Ben is the shortest guy in the front row, and Rochelle's friend is the tallest guy in the back row!)

The First Time Rochelle ever saw Ben play guitar... and then she was hooked!

The first date that Rochelle and Ben had, well, it wasn't really a date. Rochelle invited Ben to go check out the canyon to see if the snow was gone so they could go rock climbing... well it rained, and they went to breakfast, went bowling, and then he put his arm around her!! FINALLY! Here are some rock-climbing pics...


The first time Rochelle ever met Ben's family was the day his sister, Leah, graduated... talk about feeling out of place. This picture is from a picnic by Leah's house.

This is from the first time Ben went back to Chicago with Rochelle. This is taken just at the top of the bluff by the beach. Rochelle's mom wanted them to waste some time so she could finish cleaning the house! So we took a stroll to the beach. It was SO cold!! But ah- the leaves are beautiful!

Rochelle thinking that she can teach Ben something with a big gun... ow.

OK- one last picture for now. Rochelle and Ben enjoying the break from school in Yellowstone.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Have some cold!

It looks like things will be getting warmer! Yeah! It was 8 degrees when I got into my car after class, and the car read 0 degrees when I out of it. That was only at 9pm. I hope you all help me enjoy the warmer weather.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy MLK JR. DAY!

This past week has been pretty crazy! As of a week ago, Grant weighed 7 lbs 9 oz, and was almost 21" long. He isn't fat, but he is rounding out, and his bird legs aren't so bird like anymore... sad. It keeps snowing here in Idaho, no suprise, but it doesn't seem to stop. Ben said that he hasn't seen a winter like this since '99... yep- he's been here that long! It's pretty, but hard to drive in. Ben had a rock concert this weekend with his band "My Camera." So to suprise him, I had Todd, Emily and Sarah come up. He was out in the car cleaning, and I snuck them into the house. Then I told him to come into the house.... SUPRISE! It was great! Then, due to the snow, all three of Ben's siblings stayed an extra night. We are having a blast... everyone has some sort of laptop (except for me....hmmm... when is that going to change!?). There are Guitar Hero battles being had, and a lot of Grant watching. Here are some cute pics for you all to check out!

Grant enjoying the bouncer chair Leah let us borrow... at first he was a bit confused, but I think he likes it now.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

I don't think we have enough pictures!

Only because we are so obsessed with our son!

Friday, January 11, 2008


School is here, and we are now the students in class that can raise their hand when the question is asked, "Does anyone have any kids?" Believe me, that was strange. I am taking 13 credits and had the scary reminder that I have to add a class at the 2nd block, to make it 16 credits. Ben is taking 7 credits, and Grant is taking more time than we have! We have hired my trust-worthy friend to babysit 3 times a week, and the other 2 days, we either have to show up late to class, or leave early. But school is only 12 weeks long, and we have no friends here to bother us anymore. But we welcome the challenge! BRING IT!

Our little man is growing like crazy, but is still not into some of his newborn clothes. But he is growing out of his Premie clothes...sad. Grant is either sick, or just having a fun time keeping us up at night. We thought we had tricked him into thinking that sleeping was a good thing. But alas, he's only 6 weeks old, and we have time to brain wash him! As he is starting to fit into clothes that people have bought for him, I feel like I need to take pictures. So- here is documented proof that your gifts have not been for naught.

This is a cute blanket from Gena (is that spelled right?) and Daniel (again... spelling?)

Sarah bought this cute outfit... it's still a bit big- but we love it! The shoes were from me, and they were too cute to pass up!

I don't know if you can tell, but he has total bed-head in this picture! We laughed!

The awesome snugglie thing is from Todd, and the cute red stripped shirt is from Holly... Yeah!

This romper makes him look like a janitor... as Leanne said, "stop crying and start mopping!"

GRANDPA Mathews came to visit, along with Grandma. They think he's so cute-- and he has them fooled into thinking that he's an angel all the time!

Aw... Grant and Dad

Last but not Least... our cute little son!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Fun

Our vacation break was great! After our fun Christmas, we just hung out with family, did a lot of shopping, and tried to sleep. Grant continues to try our patience at 3 am, but we are doing our best! Today, we drove back from Utah. It's totally different traveling with a new born. Ben and I were amazed at how much stuff we collected while on vacation. He got Guitar Hero III, while I got a popcorn maker!!! We both love our two new toys! Ben is "practicing" guitar as I type! Here are some more photos that may make you laugh!!! We love exploiting our little Super Champ!

Cute Grant!

MAD Grant... not so cute!

What's up??

Sorry it's turned, I don't know how to fix that... Grant is going to hate us one day for this, but he squeezes his little butt cheeks together when we give him a bath! We laughed for about an hour!

I am obsessed!

Rrrrrr Mateys ;-)

My name's Grant, and I am a stud!