Sunday, November 25, 2007


So here we are, at about 37 weeks of pregnancy, and it seems to be going SO SLOWLY! Though this is what I was excepting, I wasn't all that excited about it. I am not too uncomfortable- in fact- I feel bad for all the women in my ward who are not due until January, and waddle like crazy!! I think Ben is more anxious to get this child out that I am!! Oh well, we're just excited to meet this child.

On top of me being 9 months pregnant, Ben threw his back out the other day, and now we are two pathetic people who can't get off the couch! I have a little bit of energy that is more of a blessing than anything, so I can help him with little tasks. But his random shouts of pain kinda remind me of terests (sp?)!! It's kind of scary at times! It's a good thing we have awesome SCHOOL INSURANCE that doesn't cover the things we really need!! j/k

Thanksgiving was great! We spent it with my high school friend, Kelly Bouma, who now lives in Jackson. We only drove 45 min to get to Driggs, ID and only saw about 5 cars on the road... talk about nice! It was just four of us, and though all of our cooking and baking was first time craziness, it was all SOO good!! Here are some pictures from that! Hopefully we'll be better at posting... oops.