Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey everyone! Here is ANOTHER post. I hope you don't mind... but I need to be better about posting for ME- not for everyone else. So this is really for me.
I am trying to be social in our  new ward, so I went to the ice cream social before the Relief Society Conference (SO GOOD, by the way) last night. While chatting with all the women at my table, one said, "Oh- are you the one with a blog?" I said, "uh- I have one, and it's SUPER lame!" She laughed and said, "Hmm. Someone wrote next to your name, "blogger" the other day. I was hoping you were one of those famous bloggers." I about wet my pants! The day more than the few of you read my blog is the day hell has frozen over- that's what I think. So- enjoy my world famous blog everybody :)

Yummy Brownie Cookies I made for my sister

Also, Yummy Orange Dreams with Choc. Chips

Beautiful bridge along a trail we love

Grant learning how to ride his bike. yeah- not as easy as he thinks!

Cute, right? Ben and his boys. I love this picture.
Henry enjoying a pretzel while we go for a walk

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Chile!

Ben served his mission in Chile- and their Independence Day was on Saturday (Sept. 18th). We made empendads at about midnight to celebrate. Here are some pictures.

We made two batches. Ben searched for a recipe for the dough and found a great one! Then when we tasted it, he said, "it's REALLY salty!" I agreed. Then we realized that the recipe called for TWO TABLESPOONS of salt. hahaha... guess someone didn't post that right. Our second batch was better, but still not perfect. We'll work on them next year.
Here are the boys. Don't you love sick boys with runny noses and SORES on their noses? And don't you love sleepy boys who have nasty attitudes? Yeah- so do we :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Boys

Just some cute pictures. 
We're LOVING our camera.
Ben took this one:
Sometimes I can't get over how much he looks like my brother
AH- happy kid
My sister gave me the idea to take the wheels off (one wasn't working anyway)
This way, he was able to practice biking- he was in Heaven!
I love this-

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I love the fall. Autumn is my favorite season, and I wish it were a little cooler right now, and I wish the weather would stay in the 60s for a solid 3 months. Sigh.

Nothing has really been going on lately. We're STILL trying to get our house unpacked and looking cool. I have WAY to many WHITE walls that need help. I think in a few months, it should be pretty cool in here. Our kitchen is so much better than our last one so cooking in this one is getting me excited. I have found some cool websites to help with dinner, so we'll have to give those a shot. Let's see, what else?? Oh- Elder Holland is coming to Stake Conference tonight and tomorrow. I don't know if both of us will be able to make it to the adult session- we just don't know anyone anymore to babysit- PLUS- there is some jazz fest in Indianapolis tonight so the only non mormons we know will probably be there. eh. We'll go tomorrow for sure. OK, I'm done rambling.

We recently were given a cool camera, and I finally played with it today. Obviously, I am NOT a photographer. I will never claim to be AND I will not be opening my own studio anytime soon. So, you're welcome.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

...and we're back...

Hello everyone!

Did you miss us? I'm sure. We are now moved in, not totally unpacked, started school, and in
a ward. This is Ben's last year of Grad School. What's next? We have no idea. Maybe stay here, or maybe find a job somewhere else. I LOVE it here, so if it's our last year, I really need to JUMP on it and start doing things that are around.

We got our internet up and running today (just on the mac, not the pc) and we have new TV. THANK HEAVEN for "On Demand." I think I am having a love affair with the free shows. Sigh. Anyway, now that we're back online, I thought I would share about our last few weeks. We drove with the boys (and my little sister, Laurel) to Utah. Can you believe it? We went out on I-70 and came home via I-80. We love road-tripping. The speakers in the front are blown so we hardly listened to music. I love that. I love talking to Ben. Plus, my iPod isn't working at the moment (GRRR). We had fun hanging out with family and friends.

I don't have much else to say because it would take forever. Here are some pictures from my phone until I can upload some from our camera (as soon as I FIND all the cables). ENJOY :)

My brother, Kyle, dressed Henry up. Kyle and Henry are twins. haha
Henry and Cousin Jack Jack. All of Henry's weight is in those CHEEKS!
Total miles from our road trip. WHAT?!!?
Add VideoWe bought a little IKEA chair for Grant, and the boys had a wonderful time
helping Ben put it together.
And here it is!
So- here is a glimpse are our messy home.
We bought those Expedit (sp?) shelves from IKEA. We also got the desk that attatches to it, and I LOVE IT! Now I need to fill the cubbies with all our books, toys and stuff!
Here is a quick view from those tall shelves to the kitchen, dining area, fireplace and the cool ceilings. We are really happy with this place.

Our new couch/bed! We love this too. Hooray for IKEA!
I have cleaned the house up since the pics were taken!!

Hope everyone else is doing well! We miss you all :)