Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey everyone! Here is ANOTHER post. I hope you don't mind... but I need to be better about posting for ME- not for everyone else. So this is really for me.
I am trying to be social in our  new ward, so I went to the ice cream social before the Relief Society Conference (SO GOOD, by the way) last night. While chatting with all the women at my table, one said, "Oh- are you the one with a blog?" I said, "uh- I have one, and it's SUPER lame!" She laughed and said, "Hmm. Someone wrote next to your name, "blogger" the other day. I was hoping you were one of those famous bloggers." I about wet my pants! The day more than the few of you read my blog is the day hell has frozen over- that's what I think. So- enjoy my world famous blog everybody :)

Yummy Brownie Cookies I made for my sister

Also, Yummy Orange Dreams with Choc. Chips

Beautiful bridge along a trail we love

Grant learning how to ride his bike. yeah- not as easy as he thinks!

Cute, right? Ben and his boys. I love this picture.
Henry enjoying a pretzel while we go for a walk


leannewitney said...

I like your stroller.

Cute pics. :)

Those Schank's in Fallon, Nevader said...

Hey, famous blogger--
I want to eat your yummy cookies and hug your cute boys!

jamie said...

you should email me your yummy brownie cookies recipe- they look great. And I love the pictures that you've been taking lately.Do you love your camera or what?

Candice said...

Henry is just getting more and more handsome by the second...I love his chubbiness. I am so excited because I am finally catching up with peoples blogs...I love reading your blog by the way. Your famous to me :)