Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New toys

I just bought a camera connection kit for my iPad so I can blog in Africa on the iPad. So I can upload the photos that my PC is too old to recognize! Here are some cute ones.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

"On my honor..."

How on earth did it get to be March 17th? I keep thinking valentines day was last week.

So it's St Patricks day, and spring is upon us. I need to start planting seedlings if I want to have a garden this year. Life is well, crazy. I can only focus a day, maybe week, at a time. This full time student thing is starting to bear its fruits. I have about 12 credits after this semester, and an internship, then I'm done! Holy cow, it feels so good to almost be done. I'm looking forward to being a homemaker and spending more time with my boys.

Speaking of internships, I got one! I'm the new program director for a Cub Scout day camp just outside of town. I'm really excited. Now I don't have to take classes this summer, but I can have a month off of school before I need to get to work. It will be fun to be back working with cub scouts.

Ben is so busy. He works really hard to provide for our family, but we don't see him that often. On top of all the lessons he teaches, he has started a soul band that he is hoping to get off the ground and running.

Africa is less than a month away, and I'm getting really excited. It is going to be hot, humid, and hot, and I need to stop complaining about wearing pants and closed toed shoes while we are there (remember that one time when Ghana is on the ocean, on the equator??!). But it is hard when I wear sandals 75% of the year (or more). I'm also having to try and get used to a group of people where I feel considerably out of the loop. While half of them are married, I'm only one of two women with kids that are going on the trip. I am also older than everyone by a few good years (at least). We all went on a retreat a few weeks ago, and while I thought it was effective, the lasting outcomes have not been where I would like them to be. Sigh. There are a few people I've been able to get to know, and they don't seem annoyed with my lack of music major-ness. Oh well. I AM GOING TO AFRICA!

Below are some pictures of our last couple months. Grant is getting smarter by the day, and Henry is hands down, one of the funniest kids I know. And sweet baby James- man, did we name him well! He is the one thing that both Henry and Grant adore, and don't fight over. We are so blessed to have this little family. They are growing fast, but we are not wishing for more at this crazy point in our lives.
We miss you all!!!