Sunday, November 20, 2011

A few Collections of Pictures

Ben and I have been taking pictures using the RAW format on our camera. That means that my high quality desktop computer can not read them. I'm sure there is a way to download a program that will do that, but remember when I'm lazy? Me too. So here we are, a month since I've posted anything, and I finally have access to Ben's MAC. sigh... love. I put together a few collages of what we've been up to, most of which you've probably seen on good ol' facebook. But here they are anyway. Enjoy ;)

This is, as the collage states, the Hickory Ridge Fire Tower. It's pretty cool. We would have taken more pictures, but it's literally a tower that is 110' high, so our priorities while climbing were on making sure our children didn't die. But it's an amazing view of Monroe County. You can see why we love it here so much! And for the love- our boys are pretty dang cute :)

Here are the boys in their cute costumes. Hooray for felt, right? Grant had a little badge and star that is being covered up by his bag, but he's still cute! And Henry was a great candy pass-er-outer.

And here's the entire family (well, in separate pictures). We had so much at our Trunk or Treat!

Here is our cool looking house after Ben was thru with it! We finally bought a smoke machine and had a blast spookifying our little entry way. As far as trick or treat-ers... WHATEVER! We live on a cul-de-sac, but we're the 2nd house on the street off the main street. Well, everyone and their mom came to trick or treat on the main street, and we hardly got any people at our door! Sad. So anyone who did come to our house got a few handfuls of candy. I even gave a bag of candy to one of our college friends who lives in the dorms. But we had fun taking the boys down our street. Grant's first door that someone answered was funny. He went to step IN the house and tripped, thus face planting it in the entry way. We're so awesome at parenting that we started laughing. He was fine, but we thought that was a perfect way to trick or treat for the first time. Good job, Cletus :) We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and that your bellies are primed for Thanksgiving and Christmas!