Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bird Nests

We didn't know when we moved into your new place that we were home to all the birds in the area. We keep finding bird nests all over! There are more, but these were the easiest to take pictures of. It's actually really nice. I don't mind at all. Henry LOVES birds and points to the sky when he sees one and starts getting really excited. Our last place had a bunch of birds flying around, but we also had a bunch of feral cats that liked to eat the cool birds. 
Here are the cool Bird Nests!

Right out the front door. I use the garage and never walk through the front door- Ben pointed this one out this morning.
Hard to see, but right in the middle of that bush.
I have been keeping an eye on this one. I'm excited for when there are eggs in it!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is it summer yet?

Do you ever find your home looking like this after a playdate?

My kind of town, Chicago is...

My sister and brother came out to Chicago from Utah for a Choral (as in choir and singing, not a reef) Convention.  I packed the boys up and headed to my parents for a fun one day hang. We went downtown Chicago and went to the Shed Aquarium. It was so fun! The kids dressed up like penguins and got to play on this awesome little slide and tunnel playground thing. Then we went to Ed Debevic's- pretty awesome. My pictures are all from my phone, so sorry about lack of quality! I've also FINALLY discovered ways to make collages (if you haven't noticed)! Hopefully I can get somewhat caught up on my blogging.

I know I posted this on Facebook, but here it is again. I had so much fun making these. It was REALLY easy. We put up a white sheet, took pictures of them (hardest part). I had Ben hold the boys still by making them laugh. At first I didn't want them smiling, but I think it looks so adorable with the boys laughing at their dad :) Then I uploaded the pictures, printed out the pictures, cut around the faces (make sure to KEEP the hair details!! so cute), the use that as a stencil on a black piece of paper. Cut and glue on some cute scrapbooking paper. Frame and the end. I think I'll so some of Ben and me one day.  I think I spent less than $10 on this- and that was including the frame. Oh- the black paper is some textured scrapbooking paper that I thought would look nicer than construction paper.

Make Up

If you know me in the slightest, you have probably noticed the lack of make up. My family likes to poke fun at that fact. But I never really felt like I needed it. Especially after I spent a month in southern Utah and I was not allowed to wear any, I came to realize how much I didn't need it. Well, I was tan and in the sun all day when I was there so of course I didn't need it! I have noticed how uneven my skin has become, so I bought some make up.  I am now in LOVE with Bare Minerals/Essentials.  It is awesome. Here are my before (no making fun) and after photos. Not too shabby.