Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post Much?

Holy cow, three children is a lot. Good thing I'm not in school this semester, because this mom thing is harder than I want. That's okay, because we have some cute kids. Even though Grant and Henry have turned into the devil, we still love them! James is a little bit of a screamer, but it's getting better now that he is on some reflux medicine. Ben is busy teaching guitar and running the music for "Deep Love: A Ghostly Folk Opera." Life is nuts but we adore our little family. It's a huge test in our patience, that's for sure. But again, our kids are cute so we'll keep them around. If they were ugly, we'd think a little harder about it... jk. 

When James was about 2 weeks old, we tried to do a photo shoot. Yeah- we're not professionals. These are the only ones I'll post.

GRANT! Here are some pictures we've taken of those other kids we have :)

HENRY!!! What a FUNNY kid!

And JAMES. I think I might just eat him one of these days!!!

Well, until I find 5 minutes again to post! Have a Happy Halloween!!!