Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Boys :)

These boys are testing my patience a lot these days. I think it's because it's "heat advisory" hot outside and out AC isn't awesome, so we're stuck inside a dark house trying to find ways to have fun. BUT- they are really starting to love each other and it's super cute (they are also starting to fight a lot, and that's not so cute!). They also are growing up so fast. Enjoy these cute pictures :)

Henry is turning into quite the comedian. 

And Grant is quite the musician!

And between the two of them- 
there is a LOT of love!

Monday, July 18, 2011

"It's the Gateway Arch!"

On our crazy road trip back (which I'll blog about next time... I've done way too much this morning already), we decided to stop at the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Over a year ago, we got Grant some World Landmark Flashcards and he's learned all the United States ones. We drove PAST the arch last year around midnight on our last trip to Utah, and he would say, "Did we see the Gateway Arch?" So this stop seemed appropriate for the boys. And holy moly- did they LOVE IT! (the green grass and shadow is the Arch's shadow).
I thought Henry would be a little scared, but nope! They loved every minute of it. Also, U2 was in town so Ben took some cool pictures of their stage being erected.

It was after all this fun that our car wouldn't start and gave us an extra day in a hotel with a kids pageant going on. Blah. But here are some pictures of us all on the ground AFTER being up so high.

Dinner and some cute kids?

We had some dinner with the Jacobson's on our last night in town. What a bunch of cute kids.

Then Leah remembered a picture we took back at Christmas in 2009. 
So we re-did the picture using new children :)


We had a nice little 4th. We went swimming in the morning in Sandy (but it was REALLY cold!). Then we hung out and got ready for dinner at Ben's sister's house. We watched a bunch of street fireworks and then headed to Jordon High School to watch the HUGE fireworks show. Ah- what a nice night. And thanks to Todd (and possibly Ben) for the fireworks pictures. I can't remember WHO had the camera at that point.


The main reason we went to Utah was so Ben could play at his good friend's wedding. It was such a lovely reception outside. Ben played with three other amazing jazz players, Jay Lawrence, Denson Angulo, and Kurt Reeder. The food was good and the music was amazing. As the night drew to a close, Nathaneal, Ben's friend, played the saxophone on a number. It was awesome. Congrats to the new bride and groom!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Silver Lake Stroll

My two sisters and I with all our kids went up the canyon to have lunch and take a little walk around the lake. There was still a TON of snow so we didn't get to do the entire loop, but the kids had a blast anyway. My nephew took his shoes off and mountain goated it the entire way. The puddles were WAY too tempting and the kids enjoyed it like it was going out of style. 

After the walk we "cooled down" by some jump roping. These pictures are pretty awesome.

I love being around my family. We're all such great friends and it's hard being in Indiana sometimes- so far away from them. We'll have more adventures as the week goes on (with Ben's family too) and I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Indiana to Utah

We are in Utah. We took a nice, LONG, 3 day road trip to get here. I have to say, our boys only complained a LITTLE bit. They REALLY are some awesome travelers. And I didn't even have to get out all the toys I brought for them. I guess that will make the return trip even better.

On our way, we stopped by the Kearny, NE overpass Museum thing. I thought it would be GREAT for little kids. Nope. Grant cried a we took the escalator into the museum part and asked if we could go home the entire time. Oh well. He was free. The trip was also full of amazing sunsets. I think I took about 20 pictures of the sun going down WHILE we were driving. Pretty funny. We camped, stayed with friends and the boys had a great time. Enjoy :) (I'm making the picture large even tho it disturbs the side bar info... oh well).