Monday, July 18, 2011

"It's the Gateway Arch!"

On our crazy road trip back (which I'll blog about next time... I've done way too much this morning already), we decided to stop at the St. Louis Gateway Arch. Over a year ago, we got Grant some World Landmark Flashcards and he's learned all the United States ones. We drove PAST the arch last year around midnight on our last trip to Utah, and he would say, "Did we see the Gateway Arch?" So this stop seemed appropriate for the boys. And holy moly- did they LOVE IT! (the green grass and shadow is the Arch's shadow).
I thought Henry would be a little scared, but nope! They loved every minute of it. Also, U2 was in town so Ben took some cool pictures of their stage being erected.

It was after all this fun that our car wouldn't start and gave us an extra day in a hotel with a kids pageant going on. Blah. But here are some pictures of us all on the ground AFTER being up so high.

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The Fallon Schank's said...

We are there right now...well just a block and a half away. :)