Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Hi! This is my friend...."

Grant and Henry love their new trains. I thought I would introduce you to the new family members here in our house!
(Taking pictures of these trains was Grant's idea)

This is James.
This is Thomas.
And this is Toby.
 And here is our blond haired blue eyed- HENRY!
And here is our pale skinned too much haired Grant!

The trains are a great source of bargaining. And we ALL seem to have fun with them!  
Hope everyone is having a great winter!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Channel Island Harbor/Beach

I had been posting picture from my camera, so here are some more pictures from our REAL camera. Beware- there are TONS. And if you've missed any posts (because I did about 3 in a row), they are below.

Ah- the joys of hanging out with his "Buddy Ol' Pal Grandpa" and eating a Jelly sandwich.

This is from when we were on one of the Tall Ships at Channel Island Harbor. Grant is "steering" the boat.

Miss Emily (Soon to be Mrs. Shark!) She's so pretty!

Grant steering the ship, again.

This is at the beach just at the end of the harbor- but on a different day. The people it looks like Grant is running to are strangers- but don't worry- I was just out of the picture on the left running with him.
Really? Cutest picture. Ever.
Grandpa and Henry. Henry loves this man.
Running back to Dad. (can you tell it was cold?) Ah- and Grant with his Muppet run and bouncy hair!
More of Henry and Grandpa.
Henry ate it. If you look at the picture closely- you can see the water on his face.

SMILE! You're all wet and cold!
I thought my dad would like this picture. Grant dancing (most likely running) on the beach.
Picture of Grandpa and Henry and Surfer in Ben's sunglasses.
Such love :)
This is my favorite picture. I just can't get enough of Henry's little face here.

All in all, we had a GREAT time in California! We are going back in a few weeks for Emily (pictured above) and Shark's wedding. We're so excited. DISNEYLAND here we come. This one evening at the beach was cool. Grant wanted to say HI to some surfers, so we did. The cool surfers even asked Grant if he was going to be a surfer when he grew up. Grant smiled and said yes. You know- Grant's got the "Rad Moves!" 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out and About

Here are some of the fun things we did when it wasn't raining! Enjoy :)

Grant learned how to golf! Wow. He is STILL a runner- and thank heaven for Ben!
 Then we did the bumper boats!
 As I've said before, it rained the first week we were in California. All these fun things we had planned had to get put on hold. Then when the rain stopped, EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM  were out in DROVES at every and ANYTHING that was fun. For instance- Disneyland SOLD OUT 3 days in a row. NUTS. With that said, we made our way to the LA Zoo. It was just as busy as everything else- but we got in free (thank you Laura!). So- here are the boys being a little annoyed that they can not get out and run because their mom is a paranoid woman with anxiety issues in large crowds :)

 Then we went to Channel Island Harbor where we saw these awesome Tall Ships. 
This is a Deck Gun that shoots a 3 pound ball. I love Grant's face in this!
 Aw- cute excited kid!!
 If you are ever given the chance to go check out these ships- you should!! They are awesome.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Merry Christmas, 2010

Here are the Christmas adventures. I don't know why we didn't do a better job documenting- I mean- we had two phones with cameras and two ACTUAL cameras- and this is what we got.  Enjoy :)

Caroling with some of Grandma and Grandpa's friends (yeah- the boys lasted about 3 houses!)

Grant as "Joseph" 
He was in charge of Baby Jesus. Isn't he the CUTEST?

Grant with Ben's cousin, Jadie (sp? sorry if it's wrong, I still think you're cute!) as Mary. Nothing wrong with a 15 yr gap between Mary and Joseph, right?

Ben's Uncle Paul has a baby named Small Paul. He loves to give hugs and kisses, and doesn't quite know what to do when someone (Henry) doesn't want his love. This little "love fest" ended with Small Paul pulling Henry's hair! Awesome.


"Good morning?"

 Henry makes the best faces.
What would you write as a caption for this?

OK- pardon the random red dots on my face!
But this is classic "I'm a mom who just bought my kids gifts and I want them to be as excited about them as I am" look.

Santa was a little bit awesome this year, if I do say so myself!

Monday, January 3, 2011

California Dreamin'

We got to California on the 19th, and it rained almost the entire time leading up to Christmas (and it's raining now. boooo). Here are some of our wet adventures- Enjoy :)

Boy cousins!!

Me and Grant at the LA Temple to see the Christmas lights

I love when we get tired Grant in the car. This picture is awesome.

At the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. This is an ACTUAL piece of the Berlin Wall. Crazy. 

AIRFORCE ONE! This is the actual plane (not a replica) of AirForce One that was used for seven different Presidents.  It's

When the rain stopped one day, we hurried to a park and did a little four-wheeling. But just as we got there, the sun went away and it was SO COLD. Boooo Who comes to LA to be cold? lol

Well, that's the end of this post. I'll do more later! Don't miss the posts below if you haven't seen them yet. Fun pictures.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I FINALLY figured out how to get pictures from my awesome phone to my awesome blog :P I am sure most of you have seen MOST of these pictures because I post lots to FaceBook now (because it's super easy with my phone).  I thought with the down time we seem to be having while it RAINS here in "Sunny California"- I'd get a bunch of posts up and running (thank you to Jamie for the inspiration). Enjoy!

It's not THAT cold! (yes, yes it was, actually)

First time using the Snow Man Kit my mom gave us to build an AWESOME snowman. I love how Grant's in awe. 

Don't you love my stockings? Don't worry- you can make them too! 
Step 1. Construction Paper. 
The End. 
I'm so classy

Too cold to play outside, so here we are playing with scarves and bandanas while the boys help me pick up my room.

"There's been an accident........" 

I bought these $1 hats at Target a while ago- and the boys (and Ben and me) love to play with them. This is our construction worker son, Hank.

You ain't got no alibi-
You UGLY- hey hey
Well, maybe just the sweaters. Hooray for an AWESOME date night with AWESOME friends while we Ugly Sweater Partied it up! GO MEC!

Well, I'll slowly (or quickly- depending on this RAIN) be putting more posts up- so don't miss out.
Also- 10 points for the person who can guess what the word of the post is.....???