Friday, January 14, 2011

Channel Island Harbor/Beach

I had been posting picture from my camera, so here are some more pictures from our REAL camera. Beware- there are TONS. And if you've missed any posts (because I did about 3 in a row), they are below.

Ah- the joys of hanging out with his "Buddy Ol' Pal Grandpa" and eating a Jelly sandwich.

This is from when we were on one of the Tall Ships at Channel Island Harbor. Grant is "steering" the boat.

Miss Emily (Soon to be Mrs. Shark!) She's so pretty!

Grant steering the ship, again.

This is at the beach just at the end of the harbor- but on a different day. The people it looks like Grant is running to are strangers- but don't worry- I was just out of the picture on the left running with him.
Really? Cutest picture. Ever.
Grandpa and Henry. Henry loves this man.
Running back to Dad. (can you tell it was cold?) Ah- and Grant with his Muppet run and bouncy hair!
More of Henry and Grandpa.
Henry ate it. If you look at the picture closely- you can see the water on his face.

SMILE! You're all wet and cold!
I thought my dad would like this picture. Grant dancing (most likely running) on the beach.
Picture of Grandpa and Henry and Surfer in Ben's sunglasses.
Such love :)
This is my favorite picture. I just can't get enough of Henry's little face here.

All in all, we had a GREAT time in California! We are going back in a few weeks for Emily (pictured above) and Shark's wedding. We're so excited. DISNEYLAND here we come. This one evening at the beach was cool. Grant wanted to say HI to some surfers, so we did. The cool surfers even asked Grant if he was going to be a surfer when he grew up. Grant smiled and said yes. You know- Grant's got the "Rad Moves!" 


Emily said...

Yep that last one of dad and henry is pretty darn cute. i'm glad you posted those pics- i never got to see them.

jesieo said...

i can't believe how big those kiddos are!!! it's been forever since i've seen them, crazy.

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

Your kids are very cute! Love the moppy hair :)