Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quote of the Week

While visiting my parents the last two days, it got a little cold in the house (what's new?!). Ben and Scoobies built a fire to keep us all warm. Grant walked right up to the edge of the hearth and said, "Dat's Beautiful," and continued to be mesmerized by the "beautiful" fire (or "light" as he called it). I have no idea where that came from.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Pictures for Everyone

Both my kids are napping right now, and I thought I would jump on here and get some pictures posted before I go take a nap myself. Life has been pretty awesome this week. Grant is doing alright, but he's getting better. I can't tell if his attitude, lack of eating, whining is a direct result of Henry's arrival, teething (which we never know about cause he's a really good teeth-er) or because he's recovering from a little cold. But after I took Grant to the mall by myself last night, he has been doing better (he just needed some one on one time). When Henry and I came down the stairs this morning, Grant said, "HEY BUDDY! It's baby Henry!" So, we're doing alright.

Henry had his first check up today, and here are the stats: 6 lbs 7 oz, and apparently 19 3/4" long (yeah right). YEAH... he's perfect. I keep thinking it's all too good to be true, and that I am going to wake up one day and things are going to be HECTIC! Oh well- one day at a time :)

My mom was talking to a lot of people on the phone, and she kept giving out our blog address... so I realized that maybe more pictures would be a good thing (so you have been warned). These are from my mom's camera. Enjoy!!

Here is Henry (before the bath... if you can't tell).
So my mom's camera is nice, but it flashes RIGHT before and during the picture. Out of 5 pictures JUST like this one, this is the ONLY one of me with semi-open eyes. It looks like I WAS drugged up- haha.
I finally just said, "I'm going to look at my son instead of the camera!" I think that was a wise choice.
Right AFTER the bath... Henry and his not-so-black hair (that was/is a shocker to me still).
"I CAN"T HEAR YOU!" He's so cute- Leanne, I think he looks like one of your kids here.

Grandma "Word" (worthen) with Henry. 'Nough Said. wink wink
"WHEN ARE THEY GETTING HOME!?!?!?!" That's what this looks like... but he was probably just wondering if could have more raspberries.
Grant meeting Henry for the first time. I love it.

Our friend Hilary is pretty awesome. Not only did she come over and give us a present for Henry (baby monitor... YEAH!), she brought Grant a gift too!! So Grant is now the proud owner of a Sock Monkey!! He LOVES IT! He was dancing with it, kissing it, and hugging it. He even slept with it last night :)
Ok- I just love this picture :)
Henry loves his dad, and dad loves his Henry.
Grant and Henry giving each other "up tops!" or... "high fives!" cute.
Grant getting a ride from Ben. He was SO hyper last night (as he always gets when he's tired). Grandma bought him some awesome monkey pjs to go with his new Sock Monkey!
When I was pregnant with Grant (and I'm sure all mom-to-be do this), I made a mental list of things I wanted my child to have that were from me, and from Ben. Well, Grant was born with the opposite of everything i wanted! It's horrible, but true. Though I still love (d) EVERYTHING about Grant, it made me laugh. This included Grant's feet. I wanted him to have MY skinny and long feet... instead, he got Ben's fat and short feet :) When we had the u/s of Henry, I was really excited because it looked like our child had my feet... well, Henry has all the traits I dreamed about with Grant- second time's a charm, eh? haha jk (ps... not a good picture of his feet, though).

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alright... I am putting some pictures up! They are out of order, and I don't have the patience to fix that- so here ya go! This is after the "first bath" and first outfit... I like him! While I was delivering him (in between contractions) we were all talking about if it's a girl or boy. My midwife said that boys tend to have MORE hair than girls. So a few min later, she said she could hardly feel any hair! That TOTALLY threw me off guard- I mean come on- I am not a NON-hairy person... and neither is Ben :) But, Henry just doesn't have much hair- and to top that off- IT'S LIGHT-er. I never thought anything with semi-light colored hair could come out of me, but alas- Henry's got hardly any light colored hair!

First pics with mom and dad! This was kinda odd because my legs were in stir-ups at this point so I could be "fixed up." Um, Sure you can take my picture?! Right after being born... nice set of lungs!

Excuse the double chin... oops

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Henry Jared Mathews

Hi all!! This is Rochelle, and yes- we've had the baby!!! He is perfect :) He was born on Friday 13th at 11:08 am. He weighed 6 lbs 9 oz, and is 18 in long.

I thought I would just give a quick update on the delivery- pictures will come soon... I promise- but I am using the lap top the hospital has, and I think this might be the oldest laptop ever! On Wednesday, I went in for my 38 wk check up after having been to the dr's the day before because of painful and frequent contractions. Both times at the office, my blood pressure was high, so my midwife decided it was better to get the baby out than to wait and let me get sick. So- Friday morning rolled around!

We woke up, called ahead to make sure they had room for us, the I showered, shaved my legs (you are welcome, Ben), put a little water proof mascara on, and headed out the door to have baby! I got to the hospital, had my water broken around 8:30 am, and by 11:08, Henry was here!! And can you believe it...? I did it totally naturally! YEAH!! My midwife was wonderful, and it was the most relaxed situation I could have imagined. Really though- there was NOTHING that went wrong. THAT is such a good feeling after Grant's awesome entry into the world.

Henry is really a great baby. He is sleeping ALL THE TIME! He latches on when he wants to eat (again, opposite from Grant) and got the all clear from the Dr. He hardly cries, but I am guessing that will change soon. Because of the H1N1 awesomeness- there is a restriction on visitors at the hospital, so Grant can't come see him. It will be an amazing day bringing home Henry (or HenWy as Grant calls him) home to meet his amazing big brother.

All in all, I am doing really well, and so is Henry. I love feeling so peaceful about everything. THIS is how I would like all my children to come into the world! Stay tuned for cute little pictures.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guess who is crafty? not me :)

My half-projects. I say half because I hardly did anything on these. My friend, Hilary, is pretty much amazing, and aside from cutting out the burp cloth pattern and ironing the flannel and stitching the sides, Hilary did everything. Because I suck at cutting, we decided to go ahead and sew them inside out then flip them and do a fake stitch. So- the first picture is of those I actually worked on.
I took the extra fabric from my clover blanket (see next pics) and HILARY made some really nice burp cloths with a sewed edge. I am so in love with them that I may not use them! haha (look closely at the cute pattern, you think it's one thing, but it's totally another).
And here is the clover blanket. My older sister, Leanne, let me borrow hers when we first had Grant, and I LOVED IT! So, Hilary made this one. It's double sided, as you can see, and has slits down the middle for straps, and one for the buckle. It also has a layer of batting in between... this baby is going to be WARM! It also has this cute brown ribbon as an edge. We went with this fabric for a few reasons. 1- super cute!!! 2- super soft!!! haha 3- red matches carseat, and blue matches the stroller. 4- I don't like to find out the sex of the baby, so it's totally appropriate for a girl OR boy! Yeah!!
And here it is all open. We ran out of ribbon for the slots in the middle, but all in all, HILARY IS AMAZING! I love it. And I want to crawl up in it myself. So- this was our Halloween :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are you KIDDING ME!?!

Tomorrow, I will be 37 weeks. Grant was born around this time, but that story's a little bit different than this child's!

I just got home from an appointment, and guess what?! I've been dilated to a 4 for a week now. Also, I'm 100% effaced. Awesome. My midwife said that I must have a water sack made of steel. I contract ALL the time, and I've had a few times where I've called the Midwife (one ending with me in the hospital for the evening, only to get sent home). And trust me, I do NOT call unless I have reason to (like this last time... 5 hours of 5-7 min contractions and 1-2 hours of 3-5 min contractions). When I was in the hospital, I said, "now- these contractions are real, right? I'm not making this up?!" "Yes," she said, "they are very real." However, they weren't doing jack. But I also have this "crazy" fear that because I'm almost half way done with my labor (technically speaking), I am going to calve in my bathroom- thus making me a little paranoid at this point.

For those of you have prayed to keep this baby cooking, THANK YOU! I KNOW, I know, I know- it's good the baby hasn't come yet. HOWEVER... stop the prayers... haha. Maybe we should pray that the contractions will actually be DOING something, other than making me a freak show when I call my midwife!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not "sick of being pregnant." I actually really enjoy it. I know so many people are not big fans, but I seem to be OK with it. I would totally not even care at this point if I were not at a 4 and 100% effaced.

On another note, Grant is so big. He was a "ske-ton" for Halloween. Due to us being a bit distracted, we had a mellow night. I spent the day making burp cloths and my friend made a clover blanket (pictures will be up next post) for my car seat. I LOVE IT, and the fabric is so cute- ANYWAY... we went to the mall and took Grant there to go trick or treating. He was THOROUGHLY confused, and didn't get why people were giving him stuff. Eh- not a big loss- we'll do it up right next year!! Ben got a video and pics that I need to upload, so that will happen soon.

Whew... what a novel. Hope all is well with everyone else!! We love and miss you all :)