Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Are you KIDDING ME!?!

Tomorrow, I will be 37 weeks. Grant was born around this time, but that story's a little bit different than this child's!

I just got home from an appointment, and guess what?! I've been dilated to a 4 for a week now. Also, I'm 100% effaced. Awesome. My midwife said that I must have a water sack made of steel. I contract ALL the time, and I've had a few times where I've called the Midwife (one ending with me in the hospital for the evening, only to get sent home). And trust me, I do NOT call unless I have reason to (like this last time... 5 hours of 5-7 min contractions and 1-2 hours of 3-5 min contractions). When I was in the hospital, I said, "now- these contractions are real, right? I'm not making this up?!" "Yes," she said, "they are very real." However, they weren't doing jack. But I also have this "crazy" fear that because I'm almost half way done with my labor (technically speaking), I am going to calve in my bathroom- thus making me a little paranoid at this point.

For those of you have prayed to keep this baby cooking, THANK YOU! I KNOW, I know, I know- it's good the baby hasn't come yet. HOWEVER... stop the prayers... haha. Maybe we should pray that the contractions will actually be DOING something, other than making me a freak show when I call my midwife!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not "sick of being pregnant." I actually really enjoy it. I know so many people are not big fans, but I seem to be OK with it. I would totally not even care at this point if I were not at a 4 and 100% effaced.

On another note, Grant is so big. He was a "ske-ton" for Halloween. Due to us being a bit distracted, we had a mellow night. I spent the day making burp cloths and my friend made a clover blanket (pictures will be up next post) for my car seat. I LOVE IT, and the fabric is so cute- ANYWAY... we went to the mall and took Grant there to go trick or treating. He was THOROUGHLY confused, and didn't get why people were giving him stuff. Eh- not a big loss- we'll do it up right next year!! Ben got a video and pics that I need to upload, so that will happen soon.

Whew... what a novel. Hope all is well with everyone else!! We love and miss you all :)


Candice said...

Oh well I am ready for the baby to come now too! :) I'm sorry you have had so many false anyoing! Hang in there girlie!

JRid said...

My sister just had her baby yesterday, so I'm officially an uncle. She also had a false alarm about a week or two ago and didn't take it well (she was SOOOO ticked when we talked to her that she had basically "wasted" her time). Anyway, best wishes. Sounds like you have an anxious one! And Grant being a "ske-ton" rocks my world. :D

Joci said...

I'll reverse my prayers! Let's meet this baby! Hope u are feeling alright and I hope the next post is that of a brand new baby!