Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Pictures for Everyone

Both my kids are napping right now, and I thought I would jump on here and get some pictures posted before I go take a nap myself. Life has been pretty awesome this week. Grant is doing alright, but he's getting better. I can't tell if his attitude, lack of eating, whining is a direct result of Henry's arrival, teething (which we never know about cause he's a really good teeth-er) or because he's recovering from a little cold. But after I took Grant to the mall by myself last night, he has been doing better (he just needed some one on one time). When Henry and I came down the stairs this morning, Grant said, "HEY BUDDY! It's baby Henry!" So, we're doing alright.

Henry had his first check up today, and here are the stats: 6 lbs 7 oz, and apparently 19 3/4" long (yeah right). YEAH... he's perfect. I keep thinking it's all too good to be true, and that I am going to wake up one day and things are going to be HECTIC! Oh well- one day at a time :)

My mom was talking to a lot of people on the phone, and she kept giving out our blog address... so I realized that maybe more pictures would be a good thing (so you have been warned). These are from my mom's camera. Enjoy!!

Here is Henry (before the bath... if you can't tell).
So my mom's camera is nice, but it flashes RIGHT before and during the picture. Out of 5 pictures JUST like this one, this is the ONLY one of me with semi-open eyes. It looks like I WAS drugged up- haha.
I finally just said, "I'm going to look at my son instead of the camera!" I think that was a wise choice.
Right AFTER the bath... Henry and his not-so-black hair (that was/is a shocker to me still).
"I CAN"T HEAR YOU!" He's so cute- Leanne, I think he looks like one of your kids here.

Grandma "Word" (worthen) with Henry. 'Nough Said. wink wink
"WHEN ARE THEY GETTING HOME!?!?!?!" That's what this looks like... but he was probably just wondering if could have more raspberries.
Grant meeting Henry for the first time. I love it.

Our friend Hilary is pretty awesome. Not only did she come over and give us a present for Henry (baby monitor... YEAH!), she brought Grant a gift too!! So Grant is now the proud owner of a Sock Monkey!! He LOVES IT! He was dancing with it, kissing it, and hugging it. He even slept with it last night :)
Ok- I just love this picture :)
Henry loves his dad, and dad loves his Henry.
Grant and Henry giving each other "up tops!" or... "high fives!" cute.
Grant getting a ride from Ben. He was SO hyper last night (as he always gets when he's tired). Grandma bought him some awesome monkey pjs to go with his new Sock Monkey!
When I was pregnant with Grant (and I'm sure all mom-to-be do this), I made a mental list of things I wanted my child to have that were from me, and from Ben. Well, Grant was born with the opposite of everything i wanted! It's horrible, but true. Though I still love (d) EVERYTHING about Grant, it made me laugh. This included Grant's feet. I wanted him to have MY skinny and long feet... instead, he got Ben's fat and short feet :) When we had the u/s of Henry, I was really excited because it looked like our child had my feet... well, Henry has all the traits I dreamed about with Grant- second time's a charm, eh? haha jk (ps... not a good picture of his feet, though).


Lali Johnson said...

I like the picture of him all swaddled up too, it's pretty cute.

Angela and Aaron said...

I loved all of the pictures! You could have added even more if you wanted. Henry sure is a beautiful baby.

leannewitney said...

So cute! I can't wait to meet him. I do think he resembles my kids when they were born. Maybe my kids won't be the odd ones out anymore. :)

Leah said...


Those Schank's in Fallon, Nevader said...

Toooooo cute!
Love you all!

zippy said...

OMWord Henry is such a beautiful boy! I agree, post as many pics as you'd like--we LOVE seeing them! Congrats to you all. : )