Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Had Another Kid!

Hi everyone!!

In case you missed it- we had our little baby. 

It's a BOY!

We named him James Earl Mathews. Go ahead- get all your darth vader jokes out now... I swear we haven't heard any of them yet ;-/ James after my dad's middle name and Earl after Ben's dad's middle name. He was 6 lbs 10 oz- that makes him our largest baby- by an ounce. He came pretty fast- here is the story:

Ben's family came into town on the 12th (Sunday) on their way to Yellowstone. After church they offered to take the boys with them. Ben and I couldn't say yes fast enough :) They got on the road at about 5ish... and Ben and I went to settle down for the rest of the evening. We relaxed and marveled at how quiet it was. I could tell I was contracting a lot- but what else is new? We sat down and watched a movie and I decided that maybe I should time them (I hate doing that because I feel like I make them up). The contractions went from 4 minutes a part to 3 minutes a part during the movie. At about 9:30 I called my midwife and asked what I should do! **NOTE- both my waters were broken in the hospital with the first two (one due to kidney stones, the other due to high blood pressure) so I really felt like this was all new to me!** My midwife said I should wait for them to get intense, not necessarily for timing of the contractions.

At this point, we decided to pack a bag for the hospital. While chatting with my sister, I remembered that we needed to bring the carseat. I felt very unprepared but we gathered things anyway (plus, I live 2 miles from the hospital- I wasn't worried). 10:30 rolled around and I felt some pressure in places I shouldn't be feeling it, so we jumped in the car and got to the hospital around 11pm.

This is me minutes before we walked out the door. lovely.

The nurses monitored me for about an hour, and then my midwife told me to go walking around the hospital for an hour- at that point (midnight) I was 5cm and 80% effaced (I had hardly changed since my last few appointments). I walked for an hour and man oh man... did the contractions get really intense. I came back and they checked me again. The walking was working- I was fully effaced and 8 cm. This picture is one I sent to my sister... it kind of hurt. 

At this point, they transferred me down the hall to a labor and delivery room. It was the room next to where Grant was epically born, side note. I got into that room at about 1:30 am. I labored for about 30 minutes and holy cow- did the contractions get intense. They were worse than Henry's delivery- that's for sure. At 2 am she broke my water, and this cute guy was born at 2:07 am. 

Aw- he's a little bit small!

He has many faces!! 

Angry James

Aunt Laurel came to visit. For the love- she's the cutest, too. 

Back at our place! Ben made that little onesie. Cute.

 Remember how the boys were in Yellowstone? We decided to take James up there to meet his brothers and bring them home. Henry and Grant LOVE him, and here is Henry loving him some James :)

I love this picture. Ben LOVES all his boys, but it is heart melting to see him with the boys when they're newborns. My midwife said to me today, "Your husband seems really supportive." I agreed and thought what an understatement that was. He is an amazing husband and father. 

For the love! I love this kid. He's so awesome. He is starting to smile in his sleep and he is really well mannered (so far!). James, I'm SO GLAD you're here. We are a complete family (for now) with you in our lives. I've never seen your older brothers so excited to love someone! You're an amazing addition to our crazy little family of boys!
PS- Check out how much sweet baby James looks like Grant!!!