Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How do they get so big so fast?

I can not believe it. Grant is huge. Life is great here in Indiana. Ben loves school, I love being home with Grant all day. I have made some friends (and I hope they like me) so that makes things a little easier. I have found this AWESOME trail to take walks on that isn't too far away. And as the leaves start changing color, it just makes me feel SOOOO good about living here rather than Utah/Idaho. Grant has gotten 4 teeth now (two just broke through). He's crazy- but so awesome. He really is, as Cherilyn would say, a SUPER CHAMP!! Enjoy the pictures!

I put a little hairspray in his hair to keep it from sticking up, but then I just messed with it... this was the outcome. Haha... cute.
I love the face that Grant is making- almost like he's saying, "I am cute and I know it!"
This looks strange, but it's his two teeth on the top (for Leanne). Does he cry? Nope- just drools! What a champ.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Holly (my sister)
Chloe (my niece)

Riley (my brother who thinks he may be an afro/american)

Reid (my brother)
Duncan (my nephew)

Nicki (my sister)

Leanne (my sister)

Kyle (my brother... and the one photoshopping these pics)


Grant... it's the best one!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I did some research to find some awesome picture frames. IKEA? Target? WalMart? Nope. Those didn't have what I needed/wanted. I googled "frames, bloomington" and 3 listings popped up. Hobby Lobby was one of them, and I decided to go there first, just to check out what they had. Guess who had frames for 50% off?? YEAH!! So, I went crazy and was able to find frames for all the pictures that Jenna Nelson took for us (we are STILL figuring out what pics we want printed out of our Ami Steele ones). I think they look pretty amazing. It was really hard to find 4 frames because of the odd sizes; 8x8, and 3 8x12's. Hope you like the pictures.

PLUS- Hobby Lobby has the coolest decorative items for sale too. Hopefully our home will start looking like an s home, and not a singles college apartment! More to come!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Issues Facing Our World Today

Ben and I were watching a show that mentioned that Brad Pitt has recently donated $100,000 to help FIGHT California's Proposition 8, banning gay marriage.  I decided to do some research, of course! and found this article.  I am not a California resident, and neither is Ben, BUT I know that this is an issue that will eventually start making it's way into every state of this nation.  Back to the article.  It brought up a few things that really disturb me.

1) Marriage has NOT and should NOT be defined by government.  It was defined by GOD, and that is the way it will always be (regardless of what any government will decide), and it is SO important to keep it that way (if we have a say in it). 

2) The article says, "Brad Pitt, who once said he won't get married until the right extends to everyone..."  Pardon me?  Since when has marriage been a RIGHT!?  It is NOT a right, but rather a privilege that is granted when a MAN and a WOMAN are ready to enter such a sacred union.  Here is part of what is wrong with same-sex marriage!!  People want the same RIGHTS as everyone else.  That's not how it should be looked at, again, because marriage should not be looked at as a right.  

3) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are NOT married!!  Yet, they continue to bring children into their "relationship" (be it by adoption, or even their own).  I don't know if I need to say anything more. 

As a result of this little part of research, I have decided to post some links that should take you to some good reading.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

YEAH!!! New Apartment!

So finally we have internet and tv, and a place to live that is NOT full of cat hair. Our son is HUGE and now has very light brown hair/blond hair. I can't believe it. He finally had it professionally cut and sorry- no pictures! But I do have some random ones from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Washington Extravaganza

Grant LOVED his baby carrier/stroller! IT was awesome.
Ok- I don't know why this is green on the bottom, but oh well. Cool picture of Grant, Ben, and Leah!
Ignore me, but look how happy our kid is! He seriously is the happiest kid! How did we get so lucky?
So cute! Grant and Drew are crawling together down the hall in the hotel. Drew would even push Grant over if he was sitting, but only to get him to keep crawling- it was pretty funny!
Hello Seattle! Grant me up! He loved the wind! Notice how everything I write is REALLY exciting?!!!!!!!
In the Seattle airport, they have the most AMAZING play area! Grant played his little heart out, and slept the entire way back to Utah. That's our Super Champ!!

Bloomington Bliss

So- after his haircut, we realized that we no longer have a dark haired child.
Grant loves his 1st high chair! (finally-- I was tired of holding him and feeding him!)
Does anyone remember what he looked like when he was born? Not like this! He is getting so big :(
Again, don't know why it's purple, strange. This is our new REAL furniture... it's not a futon. This is also our new apartment. A split level duplex which we love. We are still looking for homes, but for now, we are comfortable.
This is the kitchen, a little small, but a dishwasher that WORKS, and awesome HIGH ceilings... excuse the cluttered table (which I put together!).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hoosiers, Hotels, Heat and Humidity

We are here in Bloomington, IN! yeah!! After a week without Ben, Grant and I arrived safely with the help of my mom and brother. We unloaded the trailer into a storage unit after loosing 10 pounds each from sweating. Ben got a few guys from church to help... THANK YOU!!! Now we are crashing at a Best Western until we sign no an apartment. Ben starts school tomorrow... well rather Wednesday because he is class free on Tuesdays. We will post pics lata! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped me get packed. I have never been more thankful for the help! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Love Rocko