Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I did some research to find some awesome picture frames. IKEA? Target? WalMart? Nope. Those didn't have what I needed/wanted. I googled "frames, bloomington" and 3 listings popped up. Hobby Lobby was one of them, and I decided to go there first, just to check out what they had. Guess who had frames for 50% off?? YEAH!! So, I went crazy and was able to find frames for all the pictures that Jenna Nelson took for us (we are STILL figuring out what pics we want printed out of our Ami Steele ones). I think they look pretty amazing. It was really hard to find 4 frames because of the odd sizes; 8x8, and 3 8x12's. Hope you like the pictures.

PLUS- Hobby Lobby has the coolest decorative items for sale too. Hopefully our home will start looking like an s home, and not a singles college apartment! More to come!


The Young's said...

Jealous! I still haven't put my pictures in frames. Yeah, nice mom I am!

jesieo said...

those really are some of the cutest pictures ever. by the way, i think your house already looks much better than a singles college dorm.

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

I absolutely love Hobby Lobby. Salt Lake area just got one and I always go there when I visit my mom. The pictures and frames look great!