Saturday, July 10, 2010

Video Overload

You gotta Shake, shake, shake your wiggles out!

1st Article of Faith


We are moving in less than a month (YIPEE!!!!!!!!!).
(basically down the street)
But at the same time, we are moving. We have to clean house.

We've been purging ourselves of things/clothes we've taken from one house to the next but never use. I about wet my pants when I saw how much stuff came out of our MASTER CLOSET. 
This is nuts. So beware:

The first two pictures are of what we are giving (or what we gave) away:


Keeps (just for me), but the boxes are empty. 
This is EVERYTHING I own. 
It includes, dresses, shirts, skirts, socks, camping gear, pjs, pants, etc.
I would like some new clothes :)

Now, time to get rid of everything else in the house!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Movie Marathon

Once upon a time, Ben and I did a movie marathon in a theater one day.

We saw Cars, The New World, and The Break Up (we think).

While reminiscing about this, Ben said, "when are we ever going to get to do that again?"


However, we love our children more than movie marathons.
Don't worry.