Saturday, July 10, 2010


We are moving in less than a month (YIPEE!!!!!!!!!).
(basically down the street)
But at the same time, we are moving. We have to clean house.

We've been purging ourselves of things/clothes we've taken from one house to the next but never use. I about wet my pants when I saw how much stuff came out of our MASTER CLOSET. 
This is nuts. So beware:

The first two pictures are of what we are giving (or what we gave) away:


Keeps (just for me), but the boxes are empty. 
This is EVERYTHING I own. 
It includes, dresses, shirts, skirts, socks, camping gear, pjs, pants, etc.
I would like some new clothes :)

Now, time to get rid of everything else in the house!


McKenzie said...

Holy smokes! Brock told me you guys are moving - are you excited?? Let us know if you need help.

jesieo said...

hey, what's up and why does it seem like it's been ages since i've seen you? looks like the purge is going well!

Those Schank's in Fallon, Nevader said...

Wow! Good job! ('Need you here for a week!) :)

Leah said...

Awesome. I need to do the same thing in our house. I thought we got rid of a TON of stuff but then Sarah moved in and now it feels like we have WAAAAYYY too much stuff again. I should just stop buying stuff. Good luck with the move.