Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Second Chance

Remember that brocolli that looked like it was dying? 
(see last post)
Look what I found today!!


And here are some on the other plant. 
They still look like they've been attacked, but we'll see if these things make any progress.

I felt so cool going outside with my basket and snipping off the basil. I got about 3 cups worth today out of my 5-6 plants. So what did I do?

Make PESTO! of course!!

 If you've ever made pesto, you know how you need TONS of basil to make a decent amount. I froze the rest of the pesto in 5 TINY muffin cups. I figure I'll snip each week and continue to make some pesto. It's SO GOOD. And it is NUT FREE- as are all things in this household (usually!).

Monday, August 1, 2011

Garden Ups and Downs

I started a garden back in the spring. I thought things were going well until I drove past the community gardens and saw a lot of the same things I was trying to grow in full bloom! That's when I realized I must not have a great green thumb. Sigh. I think we may have messed up the soil, but oh well. My friend said to try Miracle Grow. At this point, I figured nothing was going to help, but it was worth a try. I did that and when I came home from Utah two weeks ago, my garden was HUGE!
I'll let the pictures describe what has gone on.

This is the first sign of an ACTUAL vegetable in our garden!!! I think it's so cute and I can't wait to watch it keep growing.

Remember the book, "The Hungry Caterpillar?" I guess we have the actual story in our garden!
This was/is our broccoli plant. Isn't that so sad? I think instead of a caterpillar, it was the BUNNIES! "The bunny, the bunny- Oh I HATE the bunny!" haha

And here is the other broccoli plant. We never got around to building the cage for the garden box.

This I think WAS a bug or insect. Green beans. They used to be in a circle with branches making a teepee. When things DID grow, the bugs ate then. I only have that one tiny one in the front struggling to survive. But I think it's a lost cause.

This is my baby!
It's my jack-o-lantern plant!! It starts in the right hand corner of the box and then comes down OFF the box and is about six feet long. I'm SO EXCITED for the pumpkins to grow... IF they grown.

Here are some of my basil plants. They smell GREAT!

And this is what happened to my carrot box. Bunnies (I think). Notice there is nothing there. 
Sad. There used to be about 30. Grr.

All in all- I'm not too bummed. 
This is the FIRST time I've ever attempted something like 
this and it seems to be a great learning experience. 
Hopefully I can keep it all alive through out the HEAT that is consuming Bloomington.