Monday, May 21, 2012


Things I'm excited for this week:

Spending time with my family here:

Sleeping under this cool ceiling and fan:

Having my clothes hung up and folded here- and not in my suitcase on the floor.

Aaaaaand soaking in this:

But not so excited that our new neighbor's sprinkler is broken and causing the first lake in Rexburg in our new backyard (well, it really is only crossing part of the property line.

Can't wait for this week.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I love my mom. I don't know of many people who don't love their mom- but mine is pretty awesome. I'm amazed at the size of her heart. She loves each one of her 100 kids equally and just as intensely as the next. She also has such an amazing love for her grandchildren. She has 9 of them- and each one of them, no matter how far or near, know that they are loved by a grandma who makes them each feel like they are the only ones that matter. I think that's an amazing talent! She also has a huge heart for everyone else! Today, on Mother's Day, she took some flowers and cookies (or a treat- I can't remember) to one of her friends who was alone on Mother's Day. She's just selfless like that. Happy Day to YOU, MOM!

Also, I have such a great little family of my own. I have an amazing husband who makes me proud to be the mother of his children. I'm also so blessed to have such crazy and amazing children. Grant and Henry are the LIGHT of my life! Being in school makes me realize how much I love them even more. I always want to talk about them because not only are they MY kids- they're also HILARIOUS and super smart. Still wondering where they got those two traits from... must be Ben :) 

Today we successfully drove to Mesa Falls- and we had some fun! 
Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

This kid cracks me up- "CHEESE!"
 Smiling at the Mesa Falls Overlook. Holy cow- it's just going to get harder to get us all to smile at the same time!
 What a good brother! Grant is "gently" trying to get Henry to NOT run away.
 Why hello there! Have some wrinkles. haha
 Ugh- I love my boys- all 3 of them! They were SO EXCITED to see the waterfall.
 Fun picture.
 Ben- what's up?
 HAHAHahahaha. Nice.
 Ben took this cool picture. Love it.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to every female out there!