Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pirate Treasure

**I posted pictures from California below this post- don't miss it!**

We lock Grant in him room for naps and and at night (he is an escape artist). The lock on his door is turned so he can't get out unless he has something to use as a "key" (like a coin). He came out of his room once this week and said, "I had a good nap" after only 30 min- but I heard him playing the entire time. When I went to inspect, there was a coin on the floor next to the door. Today, while changing his sheets, I found 2 more "pirate treasure" coins (Chilean money from Ben) under his pillow. Yes, he is an escape artist indeed.

Also- Valentine's day was Monday. On Saturday, Ben left in the morning to grab some milk and stuff. Later that day- Ben said, "Henry- let's go show mom how you can play the piano!" I said, "OK!" And walked around the corner to the piano and started to watch Henry hit some keys, then I noticed a dozen roses on the piano. Ben had, at SOME point- I don't know, bought me roses and put them together and had been patiently waiting most of the day for me to find them. I suck. It's not like the piano is in a closet in the garage- it's just sitting in the front room! haha I'm a dork.  Here are the pictures I took yesterday (4 days after he bought them) of the roses. They are BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you, Ben. 
I love you!!

And of course, some pictures of the children (isn't that why we HAVE a blog?)
I want Henry to stay this size forever. He rules.
 I don't know why I love this picture so much- but he looks like he's SO OLD! 
(I know- you can hardly even see his face!)

California: Part 2


Here are some pictures from out latest adventure to Disneyland.

Again- from the phone.

Ladies and Gentlemen- My child is THAT child.
He is impossible to take a picture of.

 He's waving.

On the Dumbo ride.

 Admission? pricey.
Lunch? pricey.
Not eating said lunch? NOT Pricless- it was $8 down the drain.
Thanks, kid.


Pirate Treasure. Woot Woot! 
And under this picture is Ben's younger brother, Todd. 
I can't seem to work blogger tonight.
I will have a caption contest for that picture. 
Leave a comment.
"Hey! Hey! Mickey!! Mickey!!!!!!! HEY HEY!! Mickey!!"
This is what Grant yelled at Mickey as we waited in line to get his picture with him. 
I LOVE his face here. 
He cracks me up.

We love Disneyland, and we can't wait for Grant to love MOST of it- not just a few things. He did, however, kick BOOTY on the roller coaster in Toon Town. He did not want to get off. Well- make sure you look below to see the other pictures from California.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

California: Part 1

We went to California again (I'm sure the majority of you reading this know that because you were there too!) for Ben's sister's wedding. Here are some pictures from the wedding day!
These are all off my phone- so sorry about the lowish quality of them. We forgot our camera!
Ah- Grant being a CRAZY kid while waiting for Emily and Shark/Mark to come out from the temple.
 Henry. Just as crazy as Grant. Sigh. But SO CUTE :) 
I love my boys!
I like this picture. From left to right:
Grandma Mathews (Ben's Grandma), Carol (Ben's aunt) 
and Great Aunt Jenalyn and Great Uncle Dick.
Ben's Grandma was so funny- she asked Ben where his wife was and if he had married a 16 yr old. Ben said, "I hope not!" And I said, "Yeah- Ben? Where's your ugly wife at?" Good times. She is a RIOT. I love her so much.
 Kissy kissy
 Grant and Drew were cracking me up! They were holding hands and dancing together.
 Sigh. So tired.
Here is some break dancing from Grant. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did/do.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Wonderland...?

A huge snowstorm hit the mid west yesterday/today. However, this far south missed out? on the snow but got the rain in the freezing weather.  Here are a few picture of the iced over trees and grass. Pretty cool.

 This picture along with the ones above were all taken at the same time of day. (Afternoon-ish?)

 But this picture was taken a lot later that day/night. I wanted to see how much the ice had grown...again- kinda cool.
These pictures crack me up. HELLO HAIR! haha... Henry had his first haircut recently and wow- he is just like his brother. Even with sitting in a car and watching a show- they both move and fight SO BAD that the end result isn't even worth the money. Bleh. Oh well. I love the first of these two pictures. They are really becoming friends :)