Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pirate Treasure

**I posted pictures from California below this post- don't miss it!**

We lock Grant in him room for naps and and at night (he is an escape artist). The lock on his door is turned so he can't get out unless he has something to use as a "key" (like a coin). He came out of his room once this week and said, "I had a good nap" after only 30 min- but I heard him playing the entire time. When I went to inspect, there was a coin on the floor next to the door. Today, while changing his sheets, I found 2 more "pirate treasure" coins (Chilean money from Ben) under his pillow. Yes, he is an escape artist indeed.

Also- Valentine's day was Monday. On Saturday, Ben left in the morning to grab some milk and stuff. Later that day- Ben said, "Henry- let's go show mom how you can play the piano!" I said, "OK!" And walked around the corner to the piano and started to watch Henry hit some keys, then I noticed a dozen roses on the piano. Ben had, at SOME point- I don't know, bought me roses and put them together and had been patiently waiting most of the day for me to find them. I suck. It's not like the piano is in a closet in the garage- it's just sitting in the front room! haha I'm a dork.  Here are the pictures I took yesterday (4 days after he bought them) of the roses. They are BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you, Ben. 
I love you!!

And of course, some pictures of the children (isn't that why we HAVE a blog?)
I want Henry to stay this size forever. He rules.
 I don't know why I love this picture so much- but he looks like he's SO OLD! 
(I know- you can hardly even see his face!)

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Mark 'n Mindee West said...

What beautiful roses! How thoughtful. I love catching up on your fam.