Sunday, February 13, 2011

California: Part 1

We went to California again (I'm sure the majority of you reading this know that because you were there too!) for Ben's sister's wedding. Here are some pictures from the wedding day!
These are all off my phone- so sorry about the lowish quality of them. We forgot our camera!
Ah- Grant being a CRAZY kid while waiting for Emily and Shark/Mark to come out from the temple.
 Henry. Just as crazy as Grant. Sigh. But SO CUTE :) 
I love my boys!
I like this picture. From left to right:
Grandma Mathews (Ben's Grandma), Carol (Ben's aunt) 
and Great Aunt Jenalyn and Great Uncle Dick.
Ben's Grandma was so funny- she asked Ben where his wife was and if he had married a 16 yr old. Ben said, "I hope not!" And I said, "Yeah- Ben? Where's your ugly wife at?" Good times. She is a RIOT. I love her so much.
 Kissy kissy
 Grant and Drew were cracking me up! They were holding hands and dancing together.
 Sigh. So tired.
Here is some break dancing from Grant. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did/do.

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