Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Be Prepared..." -The Lion King

Once on a blue moon, I think I get hit with a case of "pre-partum" depression... or hormones :) I would like you all to know that there is NO ONE in the world who helps me feel better other than my wonderful husband, Ben. He's so good to me, and just when I think no one can say the right words, he does. I am grateful for his ability to love me no matter what- I know it's a HUGE challenge, but he does it well, and with class- loving me that is!!

With that said, I am also grateful for good deals, sales, and sisters who inform me of said sales/deals. As I have mentioned before, we got this (which we are picking up this weekend, and I think I may wet my pants when we do!!):

Then, my sister told me that Babies R Us was having this event where you can turn in an old carseat, stroller, high chair, etc. and get 20% a new one. The infant carrier that we have/had is one that Leanne sold us before Grant was born. Grant was child #3 to use it, and while it worked wonders for Grant, we noticed a few things when we pulled it out of our closet. First, I can NOT get the nasty smell of baby vomit and stuff out of the straps. Plus, trying to clean it has been stressing me out. Also, the rubber grip on the carseat was all sticky for some reason (which wasn't the case over a year ago when we put it away). I have tried everything I can think of to get the stickiness off, but it was all in vain. And on top of that, it's pushing the 5 years old mark, and from what I hear from "profesionals," 4-6 years is around the max amount of time to keep a carseat (though Ben doesn't agree!! lol). So, I traded it in and got this awesome new carseat (it's now sitting in my living room so I can play with it!):

I LOVE IT! There was a limited amount of styles, but I figure this will be good for us for the 4-6 years, and however many children will use it! I also love that it's a slimmer model, thus saving us some inches in the back of the car.

I'm slowly trying to attack sale racks for new clothes for Grant (trying to NOT spend over $5/item). If anyone knows me, they know how PICKY I am about what he wears. My friend here in Bloomington always laughs because I complain about Grant looking like an orphan when I don't like what he's wearing :) So- does anyone have a wardrobe full of 18-24 month old boy clothes that would work for a midwest fall & winter? haha... I'm shameless, I know. I feel like I'm more prepared to have a new infant in the home this fall/winter than I am about my kid who is already here!! haha

Anyway, thanks for reading- sometimes I feel like I only blog to write down my own thoughts! And if that's the case, then maybe I should start my entries with "Dear Diary" and end with "LOVE ALWAYS!" ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Round 2

Who wants to know what's going on in our lives? Let's update, shall we!?

We'll start with BEN (cause I know he's the real reason you all read this)! Ben just started his second year of GRAD SCHOOL! This year is so much cooler than last year, for a few reasons. First, he got an associate instructor position here at Indiana University. He is the leader of the rhythm section in a group on campus called "SOUL REVIEW." Oddly enough, it's not through the Music Department, but rather through The African American Art Institute. He's loving it thus far, and I love it even more because it pays for some school and he also gets added benefits- such as a monthly pay check, insurance, and just being cool. haha Ben is ALSO the director of a Youth Jazz group through the MAYO (musical arts youth orchestra) here in Bloomington. He does that once a week and he will love it (it hasn't officially started yet!). On top of all that, he's doing Jazz Combos and instead of being in a "big band" (large jazz band- for those who wouldn't know), he gets to be in the Latin Band again, playing the Tres (sp?). He loves it and gets to work with some of his favorite school friends :) I'm so proud of him. I just hope all these organizations can spare him a day or two when the baby shows up! Ben also was the lead guitarist in an original musical called "THE ROCKAE" after the Bachae (a Greek tragedy), only this was 80's Glam Rock!! Again, I'm so proud!!

Me, not too much is going on. I'm having fun finding things to do with Grant while Ben is back in school. He's really a great kid. I'm trying to be "social" and go to play groups that our ward does. Though I have some good friends, I am still feeling a bit "odd man out" -ish when I go. I have a good friend who also feels the same, so we hang out a lot- it helps that our sons are only 2 weeks a part and she is due 2 weeks after me! We also think VERY much alike- and if you know me... you know that's hard to do :) I'm having to run after Grant a lot, so I guess I am not exactly down for the count with this baby. I am tired a lot more (because I can't just rest when I want) and this baby is an awful lot like Grant when it comes to where it's sitting and where it's head is. There is some concern about the baby finding it's head in the right position (just like Grant). We have till Week 35 for it to get there (because it's sitting JUST LIKE GRANT at the moment) and to CONFIRM (via ULTRASOUND... thank you very, otherwise, we have to start "helping" it in different ways. And if that doesn't work- well- we are facing another breech situation. So happy thoughts for this baby- PLEASE!! Sorry- no picture of me... but remember the picture of that red stroller? WE GOT IT! Kinda- I found the upgraded version on Craigslist (BLUE and with an ipod dock), so we decided to get it. I have to pick it up still, but I can NOT be happier about that. Looks like we're pretty much all set!

Ok, ok... Grant's update. He is so funny. I hope you enjoy all these pictures- cause they make me smile when I see them!! Grant must have hit a growth spurt, cause he has been looking like an orphan in his clothes as of late. My amazing sister lent me clothes for him this summer, so we hardly had to buy ANYTHING... but now I am struggling to find things to put him in that fit... ah- the frustrations of motherhood :) He seems so tall to us (though he really short). He will NOT stop talking, singing, or reading books. I think he doesn't even realize that he has two bins full of toys during the day (unless his friend Luke comes over!). He is OBSESSED with books, and could "read" them all day long. He is also a huge fan of music. I get CDs from the library with different Disney songs- and I'm pretty sure he knows them all by now. He sings along and makes me laugh! His favorite songs at the moment are, "A Dream is a Wish," "Chim-Chimney," "A Whole New World," and a not so Disney song, "Bicycle Race" from Queen!! He has a friend, Luke, who we have over a lot and they play. It's funny, because Grant is so mild and laid back, and Luke is kinda crazy and "active." They are teaching each other all about life- Grant teaches him more words, and Luke teaches Grant how to climb on things... it's great! Here are some pictures from our lives! Enjoy!!

Grant started putting his finger on/around his chin and then says, "Hmmmmmmm." I have NO idea where he got it! I about wet my pants the first time he did it... and he really is THINKING when he does it too!

Grant is so big. Sigh. I just love this picture! He's almost got all his front teeth now.
I was letting Grant play downstairs while I ran upstairs, and I heard a funny noise. I came down and found the opened box of cereal I had been eating earlier completely emptied out on our couch. Again, I laughed pretty hard. Good thing we have slip covers that can be washed!

Apparently Grant is better at walking in my heals than I am. haha

ZOO ZOO ZOO... the play group this week was at the zoo. Because I am a great mom, I had my kid in pants when it was WICKED hot out and really humid. So- Molly, my friend, and I splashed our kids with water. You can tell in these photos that Grant was SOOOOO tired. He passed out before we left the parking lot! Luke could run all day if Molly let him!! (oh- that's Luke).
The giraffe, Eddy, and his long tongue. I didn't get a picture fast enough, but when I looked down at Grant, he was in a daze and totally doing the SAME thing with his tongue. Awesome!!
This is Grant in his DAZE! And Luke paying attention to me taking a picture.
Ok- is this NOT THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER!? Luke had his hand around Grant's shoulder for a good 10 min. The miracle is that Grant was SOOO tired, he didn't care! Made for great photo ops. The end :)