Monday, October 27, 2008

Cross Stitch!!

I had made up my mind that I needed to get a hobby. So off to the store I went to see what I would be OK at doing. I found some string, needles, and a canvas bag. Earlier I found a pattern online for this cute little bird done by cross stitch. Here is my work!

This is the little book bag/tote that I worked on. Very first of many projects that I will be working on now (seeing that I did an OK job!).
This is the bird close up. It's not great, but I got the hang after a while. I need to figure a way to make the pattern easier to follow other than dots.
And what is a post without pictures of GRANT!? Here is our skinny little man- drool and all... maybe that's why he's so skinny- he just drools all his weight away!
I love this picture! Ben and Grant love to play together. This was after church yesterday. What studs I have in my little family!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October Fests

It's been a while since my last post- and lots has gone on. Too bad our batteries died and we were not in picture mode for most of it. Grant and Jesie and I went to the Parke County, IN Covered Bridge Fest. There were WAY more people there than anticipated, and we were glad that ALL those people were there to NOT see the bridges, but rather the tents full of sales! Then our little family took a nice trip to Chicago to go see Laurel's Homecoming! She did a great job cheering and baning that base drum (the drum was the same size as her!). Here are a few pics from the bridges we saw. I'll be better at picture taking this week!
It was so HOT at this fesitival. This is just before we left to go see some bridges!
If you look close enough, you'll notice that this bridge was built in 1861!!! Amazing.
I just thought this was so beautiful. The day was spent ooing and ahhing at all the pretty colors.
You win if you can figure out WHY it says "cross this bridge at a walk?" Anyone??
This bridge is actually over 300 feet long! It was beautiful. Unfortunately, this was the last picture before the batteries.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just south of Indy, there is this cool apple orchard. I took Grant, and a new friend, Jesie (who's husband is the other guitar player with Ben) with me, and we had a blast! First, we picked apples, then we found the Red Raspberry bushes... I collected them while Jesie and Grant ate them! He now likes raspberries. This orchard also had the coolest things for sale, so I bought some pumpkin spread. I will tell you how I like it when I try it.

This is down the Granny Smith Apple aisle... we hardly found any :(Grant got mad when we took it away from him, of course. He loves sour things! So funny.
These Golden Delicious Apples were only on the very top of the tree, so up I went.
I had to make sure there were no worms.
Now it was Grant's turn to pick some Fugi Apples... he had fun!
Getting closer...
GOT IT! Now that he's got 4 teeth, he loves what he can do with them!
I love how it looks like he's checking Jesie out! Nice.
The End.