Saturday, October 4, 2008

Just south of Indy, there is this cool apple orchard. I took Grant, and a new friend, Jesie (who's husband is the other guitar player with Ben) with me, and we had a blast! First, we picked apples, then we found the Red Raspberry bushes... I collected them while Jesie and Grant ate them! He now likes raspberries. This orchard also had the coolest things for sale, so I bought some pumpkin spread. I will tell you how I like it when I try it.

This is down the Granny Smith Apple aisle... we hardly found any :(Grant got mad when we took it away from him, of course. He loves sour things! So funny.
These Golden Delicious Apples were only on the very top of the tree, so up I went.
I had to make sure there were no worms.
Now it was Grant's turn to pick some Fugi Apples... he had fun!
Getting closer...
GOT IT! Now that he's got 4 teeth, he loves what he can do with them!
I love how it looks like he's checking Jesie out! Nice.
The End.


JRid said...

Looks like a good time! Great pictures as always. Reminds me of the days when the Johnson Farm still had an apple orchard...

The Mathews said...

haha... I LOVED picking apples there! Once, on a youth trip, my dad(bishop) had me and some older guys race, along with Riley. I won. Riley was a jerk the rest of the trip! haha

The Young's said...


Leah said...

Cute. Cute. Cute

Louise said...

You have a very cute baby! Seeing you have fun together brings me so much joy. Thank God my grandson has a beautiful mother who loves him and does fun things with him. A delightful girl who devotes herself to her family and loves MY cute very grown up boy.

I see so much of Ben's personality in Grant. It's the "joi de vivre" french for joy of life. Emily, did I spell that right? Enjoy these moments and keep making them! Love you. Mom Mathews

Andrea said...

Hi Rochelle and Ben,

I just want to thank you again for the ride you gave me last week. It was really a life saver! I don't think I'm going to make it to Ben's concert tonight, but I'll keep my ears open for new performances. Feel free to contact me at if you ever need anything, etc.


(P.S. I love the blog. Great pictures!)