Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October Fests

It's been a while since my last post- and lots has gone on. Too bad our batteries died and we were not in picture mode for most of it. Grant and Jesie and I went to the Parke County, IN Covered Bridge Fest. There were WAY more people there than anticipated, and we were glad that ALL those people were there to NOT see the bridges, but rather the tents full of sales! Then our little family took a nice trip to Chicago to go see Laurel's Homecoming! She did a great job cheering and baning that base drum (the drum was the same size as her!). Here are a few pics from the bridges we saw. I'll be better at picture taking this week!
It was so HOT at this fesitival. This is just before we left to go see some bridges!
If you look close enough, you'll notice that this bridge was built in 1861!!! Amazing.
I just thought this was so beautiful. The day was spent ooing and ahhing at all the pretty colors.
You win if you can figure out WHY it says "cross this bridge at a walk?" Anyone??
This bridge is actually over 300 feet long! It was beautiful. Unfortunately, this was the last picture before the batteries.


Louise said...

Love the pictures! What a great experience you are having right now. Okay, Cross this bridge at a walk may have been a warning to horse drawn carriages. Making the horse go any faster than a walk might cause injury to the horse or passengers in the carriage
if it hit a bump or imperfection in the wood bridge.

Loved also Ben's post on marriage, very well written.

I have such talented and wonderful children & grandchildren!

JRid said...

Dang batteries...

Great pics though! Looks like a great time. Isn't it nice to see fall colors again? ;)

leannewitney said...

I'm with Louise. My guess is "walk" is in reference to the horses crossing the bridge. Wow- Super Champ is getting soo big! We miss you tons... <3 Leanne

The Young's said...

Found this online at Amazong: "The phrase "Cross this Bridge at a Walk" is a traditional sign that may still be seen posted at the entrances of the many nineteenth-century covered bridges that survive in rural areas throughout Carter's native Indiana. Opinion differs about what the sign meant to persons riding or driving horses a hundred and fifty years ago. Some believe that galloping a horse across such a bridge would have set up rhythmic vibrations that could have been dangerous to the bridge's structure. Others suggest it was simply a "No Speeding" sign for an occasionally congested area." http://www.amazon.com/Cross-This-Bridge-at-Walk/dp/1893239462

BTW...he's a cutie...and no pictures from the PUMPKIN FEST?!?!?!

Emily said...

grants hair looks lighter in that picture- same color as ben's. cute! miss you guys!