Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some Updates

Totally odd, I know, but I'm busy. Who would have even thought that a mom of 2 who is also a full time student would get busy?! I did want to take a minute and update (mostly myself so I don't forget later) people on what's going on in our household. So- here are the things that either you're DYING TO KNOW- or couldn't care less about!

1- We are "moved in" to our house. We love it. It's gorgeous and we are so incredibly happy. The boys RUN AND RUN and it makes us all of happy that we aren't living on top of each other anymore. Some of my favorite things about our new place- my sink. It's so deep. Do you ever have a sink that is about 3" deep and even 1 fork in the sink makes it look like you haven't done dishes in months!? Ugh- I hate that. But our sink is super deep. I also love our fridge. It makes me happy. I also love having COUNTER SPACE! Every time we'd go to move to another rental I would swear that I would only say yes to a place with lots of counter space. Never happened. But now we have it and I'm in heaven. Ah- the simple things!

2- I'm pregnant! Remember? haha  This pregnancy has been strange (different) from the beginning. While I feel like I still got sick, and did for just as long- it was a different kind of sick. I am now WELL aware of how to control the morning sickness, but I think the controlling just made me sleep all the time at the beginning. But being in school has actually seemed to do wonders for me. I walk all over. I'm in a water aerobics class. I am at the ropes course every week (and my midwife said I can climb it if I want to... I'll be doing that on Wednesday night... pictures to come). My body is responding very well and I'm feeling great. It's funny to see people's reactions when I don't let my pregnancy "disable" me. There are is one particular woman who is pregnant in one of my classes who is only a week behind me, and she uses it to get out of EVERYTHING we do that is remotely active (like stand up for more than 30 seconds). She's even said that she's just lazy and tired. Um... I'm tired too. ANYWAY- I feel great. On Tuesday I will be 29 weeks along. We're getting close! I'm starting to panic a little about that fact that there is life after being pregnant, and for me, that means 3 kids. WHAT!? I am so focused on school that I hardly ever think about the baby OUTSIDE of me. Anyone else like that? Oh well... life is good.

3- School. I love school. I was never fond of it before. For me, deciding to uproot my small family, take my husband away from any other job that could benefit us NOW or in the near future, and landing back at BYU-Idaho, it all changed my motivation. I want to do well. I never really cared that much before. If I didn't study- no big deal- I deserved the grades I got. Now I actually TRY because my motivations have changed. I'm in school to learn, not just because it's the next thing in life to do. I'm sure that sounds strange to most of you- but it took me this entire time to LIVE that lesson. I knew it all along- I just didn't do it. Grant is also in school, and he is LOVING every minute of it. Because he does pre-school through BYU-Idaho, we get to sit in their observation booth and watch as he learns and plays. It's so interesting to see how he does. He is still crazy, but his teachers are amazing and can handle his craziness very well. He loves everything he is learning, and it's sticking. We love learning in this house!!!

4- Ben and Henry. These two are awesome. Ben is Mr. Stay at home dad during the week, but is still working hard on getting things lined up. He has already played with his band and other bands for a few shows. Ben played at i-Cover (the equivalent to Guitars Unplugged from a while ago) last night with one of his bands- and they ROCKED IT. Really- it was amazing. They were the ONLY band ALL NIGHT LONG to get more than 5 people interested in what they were doing. He is so amazing. I love him. Henry is a funny, crazy, silly, smart,  and a sneaky little boy. He loves to play with Grant and the two of them are becoming such great friends (when Grant is not punching him in the face! who does that?!?!). Henry loves sugar. Holy Cow. He is always asking for donuts, cookies, cupcakes, etc. And it's not like we always give them to him! Oh well- a typical kid, I guess. 

So that is life right now. We're learning the science of having no A/C in our home- and so far- so good. We forgot to leave the windows open last night, so our house was already 10 degrees warmer today that it was yesterday. Oh well... We'll stay in the basement today. We hope everyone is having a great summer. We miss all our friends and family!

Love Us.