Thursday, September 18, 2008

YEAH!!! New Apartment!

So finally we have internet and tv, and a place to live that is NOT full of cat hair. Our son is HUGE and now has very light brown hair/blond hair. I can't believe it. He finally had it professionally cut and sorry- no pictures! But I do have some random ones from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Washington Extravaganza

Grant LOVED his baby carrier/stroller! IT was awesome.
Ok- I don't know why this is green on the bottom, but oh well. Cool picture of Grant, Ben, and Leah!
Ignore me, but look how happy our kid is! He seriously is the happiest kid! How did we get so lucky?
So cute! Grant and Drew are crawling together down the hall in the hotel. Drew would even push Grant over if he was sitting, but only to get him to keep crawling- it was pretty funny!
Hello Seattle! Grant me up! He loved the wind! Notice how everything I write is REALLY exciting?!!!!!!!
In the Seattle airport, they have the most AMAZING play area! Grant played his little heart out, and slept the entire way back to Utah. That's our Super Champ!!

Bloomington Bliss

So- after his haircut, we realized that we no longer have a dark haired child.
Grant loves his 1st high chair! (finally-- I was tired of holding him and feeding him!)
Does anyone remember what he looked like when he was born? Not like this! He is getting so big :(
Again, don't know why it's purple, strange. This is our new REAL furniture... it's not a futon. This is also our new apartment. A split level duplex which we love. We are still looking for homes, but for now, we are comfortable.
This is the kitchen, a little small, but a dishwasher that WORKS, and awesome HIGH ceilings... excuse the cluttered table (which I put together!).


Sarah said...

Congratulations! You have new couches, a new high chair . . . all you need now is a couple of new cats!

Wow! Grant does look huge! That's amazing. I heard everything grows out there but I didn't believe it until now.

Leah said...

Yeah! I am so happy for you! Your place looks awesome.

And all those pictures remind me... I need to email you all the pics I have of you guys from Washington.

I love that picture of you and Grant on the boat, Rochelle. You look beautiful!

Oh and the one of him and Drew crawling.

Grant is certainly catching up with Drew. He's getting so big! Must be something in the water.

The Mathews said...

I'd like to thank my lovely wife for posting the absolute best and most flatering picture of myself that I've ever seen. Raise your hand if you know which one it is.


The Mathews said...

er, flattering. With two "T"'s. College-style.

The Young's said...

I'm guessing the last one Ben? That is the picture I was going to comment on! :)

Love your place. Can't believe how big he's getting. Despite his lighter color hair, he still reminds me of Mattson BIG TIME! :)


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

You are lucky to have such a happy kid. Congrats on the new place!

Jared and Lauren said...

Nice to have an update! And yeah, where did the light hair come from all of a sudden? Grant is still adorable though.
It looks like you had a fun trip up here in WA. Seattle is a lot of fun, but it looks like you caught it on a cloudy day (big surprise, huh?). Its been sunny and warm for over a week now out in Seattle! Go figure...
And Ben, you're silly. None of those pictures are bad at all! Thanks for the update Rochelle!

JRid said...

Great pictures Rochelle and happy you are all settled now and reconnected with the world! You're right, Grant IS a happy baby or at least VERY photogenic (but hey, so are you...happy and photogenic..., so I'm not at all surprised!).

Emily said...

hooray! pictures! that little guy of yours is so handsome!

brad said...

Nice beard benny! Lookin good!