Thursday, January 6, 2011

Out and About

Here are some of the fun things we did when it wasn't raining! Enjoy :)

Grant learned how to golf! Wow. He is STILL a runner- and thank heaven for Ben!
 Then we did the bumper boats!
 As I've said before, it rained the first week we were in California. All these fun things we had planned had to get put on hold. Then when the rain stopped, EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM  were out in DROVES at every and ANYTHING that was fun. For instance- Disneyland SOLD OUT 3 days in a row. NUTS. With that said, we made our way to the LA Zoo. It was just as busy as everything else- but we got in free (thank you Laura!). So- here are the boys being a little annoyed that they can not get out and run because their mom is a paranoid woman with anxiety issues in large crowds :)

 Then we went to Channel Island Harbor where we saw these awesome Tall Ships. 
This is a Deck Gun that shoots a 3 pound ball. I love Grant's face in this!
 Aw- cute excited kid!!
 If you are ever given the chance to go check out these ships- you should!! They are awesome.

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J and L said...

Um yeah... Is that Golf 'N Stuff in Ventura?? I haven't been there in years! Seriously, looks like you all had a really great trip!