Sunday, March 27, 2011

I know I posted this on Facebook, but here it is again. I had so much fun making these. It was REALLY easy. We put up a white sheet, took pictures of them (hardest part). I had Ben hold the boys still by making them laugh. At first I didn't want them smiling, but I think it looks so adorable with the boys laughing at their dad :) Then I uploaded the pictures, printed out the pictures, cut around the faces (make sure to KEEP the hair details!! so cute), the use that as a stencil on a black piece of paper. Cut and glue on some cute scrapbooking paper. Frame and the end. I think I'll so some of Ben and me one day.  I think I spent less than $10 on this- and that was including the frame. Oh- the black paper is some textured scrapbooking paper that I thought would look nicer than construction paper.


B+M said...

Darling! I love the idea, and it turned out fabulous.

The Fallon Schank's said...

Cute, clever, and talented!