Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Holiday Fun

Our vacation break was great! After our fun Christmas, we just hung out with family, did a lot of shopping, and tried to sleep. Grant continues to try our patience at 3 am, but we are doing our best! Today, we drove back from Utah. It's totally different traveling with a new born. Ben and I were amazed at how much stuff we collected while on vacation. He got Guitar Hero III, while I got a popcorn maker!!! We both love our two new toys! Ben is "practicing" guitar as I type! Here are some more photos that may make you laugh!!! We love exploiting our little Super Champ!

Cute Grant!

MAD Grant... not so cute!

What's up??

Sorry it's turned, I don't know how to fix that... Grant is going to hate us one day for this, but he squeezes his little butt cheeks together when we give him a bath! We laughed for about an hour!

I am obsessed!

Rrrrrr Mateys ;-)

My name's Grant, and I am a stud!


Leah said...

Hurray! More picts! He is SOOOO cute!

Congratulations on your Christmas presents!

Garrit will probably be inviting you over more often, Ben. He just discovered Guitar Hero and Rock Band and is obsessed with both of them (but of course I won't buy them for him).

Thanks for posting! Have fun being back home. Try to get some sleep.

The Thomas Trio said...

That butt picture is honestly one of the funniest things i have ever seen! so cute! it was great to see you guys!

Leah said...

I know I said this before, but HE IS SOOO CUTE! I need to go shopping for him! I guess Barry and Louise will probably keep him sufficiently spoiled until I can get to Babies R Us.

Emily said...

at first i thought his little butt was all shriveled. glad to know he has a normal butt. hee hee. I like the little pirate picture too!