Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas was fun this year... though not much can beat Hawaii!! We spent it with my family in Salt lake city. Grant was so excited because he got a bottle claeaner and drying rack!! Ben got me a popcorn maker, so I am really excited! Here are a few pics for your enjoyment!!

This is Grant's favorite thing to do when we are changing his diaper and getting him dressed... awesome.

We have a hard time finding clothes that fit our little man, so here are two pictures that contrast each other. One pic shows him in his premie clothes, while the other is a newborn outfit... can you tell which is which??

In my family, it's a tradtion that Mr. Clause makes/brings/buys P.J.'s for everyone on Christmas Eve. Due to the size of Grant, we were a bit limited in what we could find... but with Ben being such a baseball fan, we decided to go with the pin-stripes!


Leah said...

So cute! I miss Grant already. He looks a little bigger!

So glad you guys had fun on Christmas. We sure missed you here!

Give Grant a big smooch from his favorite auntie Leah.

Sarah said...

What? I'm pretty sure I'm his favorite aunt. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! Happy New Year!