Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Blast From The Past

I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures from when Ben and I first started being friends and then dating. Enjoy!

Back in 2003- Rochelle's first year at school, and Ben's first year back from the mission... Rochelle knew someone on his team and came to watch them play...but never met Ben until 2006... was it fate? Who knows! (Ben is the shortest guy in the front row, and Rochelle's friend is the tallest guy in the back row!)

The First Time Rochelle ever saw Ben play guitar... and then she was hooked!

The first date that Rochelle and Ben had, well, it wasn't really a date. Rochelle invited Ben to go check out the canyon to see if the snow was gone so they could go rock climbing... well it rained, and they went to breakfast, went bowling, and then he put his arm around her!! FINALLY! Here are some rock-climbing pics...


The first time Rochelle ever met Ben's family was the day his sister, Leah, graduated... talk about feeling out of place. This picture is from a picnic by Leah's house.

This is from the first time Ben went back to Chicago with Rochelle. This is taken just at the top of the bluff by the beach. Rochelle's mom wanted them to waste some time so she could finish cleaning the house! So we took a stroll to the beach. It was SO cold!! But ah- the leaves are beautiful!

Rochelle thinking that she can teach Ben something with a big gun... ow.

OK- one last picture for now. Rochelle and Ben enjoying the break from school in Yellowstone.


Aubrey said...

Hey Rochelle! It's Aubrey used to be Bowman from back in Crystal Lake, I just found your blog! Congratulations on your cute baby! I want to send you an invite to our blog, but it's private, so I need your email. Email me at if you want an invite!

The Carlsons said...

Hi Guys! Your little family is so wonderful!!

The Carlsons said...

oh-- our blog is private too but if you want an invite you can email me :)

maygren photography said...

sexy leggs ha ha I like your blog I did not check out your page yet on facebook ben sorry I am in the midst of creting a blog and my wife and I might eventually get around to it. anyway I will get back to seeing what you are up to