Tuesday, January 29, 2008


OK- I have been tagged.  I guess I am supposed to write 6 things about me.  Well- seeing as this is OUR blog, maybe I will split it up between all 3 of us.  
1. Aside what you all may think- Ben actually likes to watch GOOD chick flicks!  His sister called me once to inform me of a great movie that had just been released.  She told me that Ben might not like it... guess what!?  He loved it!
2. Ben also paints his nails!  Because he plays guitar, he needs strong nails- thus- the nail polish.  We had construction guys putting windows into our apartment a few months ago.  While the men were standing there smoking, Ben asked, "Rochelle, have you seen my nail polish?"  They all got the funniest look on their faces!
3. Ben has rubbed shoulders with Alec Baldwin.
4. Rochelle has sang for President Hinckley on two different occasions (it was also for a room full of alumni, but h
e was only a few feet in front of me!).
5. Rochelle loves MTV and VH1... I know that they aren't the best shows, but I find a lot of the reality shows hysterical!
6. Grant loves to scream.  We think he likes to get us frustrated... he's getting practice for 15 years from now!


Jared and Lauren said...

BEN!!! How in the world are you?!?! Long time no see, talk, etc... Totally random that I found your blog. I was reading a post on Katie (Orme) Fish's blog and saw a link for Leah. Thinking it was someone totally different, I clicked on it and found your sister Leah and lo and behold, there you were!!
Rochelle, I'm an old high school/church friend of Ben's from TO.
Anyway, I was just so excited to see your blog and your cute family that I thought I'd send a quick comment to say howdy. Hope all is well with you and so great to get an update!
Lauren (Davies) Heal
PS - here's our blog: jandlheal.blogspot.com

The Thomas Trio said...

I am totally addicted to THE HILLS on MTV.....serious guilty pleasure, but it pretty much is the greatest show on earth!

(please tell me you watch!)