Monday, October 1, 2007


Well, we're back in school... Blah. It's not very exciting, but we'll survive it. We're really just biding our time until we can move out of Rexburg and into the real world!

We're finishing up our degrees in Jazz Studies (Ben) and Recreation Leadership (Rochelle). Hopefully someone will want to hire us when we get out of here, but the honest truth is that we're not exactly expecting to be recruited by any major corporations with good benefits... We'll be happy with whatever employment comes our way!

In addition to schooling, Ben is teaching private guitar lessons and a jazz sextet at BYU-Idaho. He also repairs guitars and various electronic musical equipment, and runs live sound reinforcement for various local concerts and parties and such. Rochelle works two jobs - one for Downeast Outfitters in the Grand Teton Mall, and the other as a nanny for four cute kids in town. She is also taking a few classes this fall to inch just a bit closer to graduation.

Is anyone else stunned by the fact that it's October already? Crazy.

Rochelle & Ben


The Thomas Trio said...

if you want to be part of the blogging community, you have to actually blog. You have to update weekly at least....or you're kicked out of the club!


The Thomas Trio said...

it's've been voted off the blogging island.