Friday, June 27, 2008

Taking Votes

So Ben and I just returned from a quick trip to Bloomington, IN. We looked at the prospective Indiana University and then spent an entire day looking at homes (15 to be exact!). We saw many, hated some, and LOVED few (or hated few and loved many...)! I thought I would post some specs on the homes, and you can help us decided (even if we do have a favorite). I will list them in NO particular order of our favorites as to avoid any swaying of opinions.

Cardinal Glen Dr.

High end of price range, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 1832 sq ft., .29 acres. Some of my notes: Cul de sac; really nice, move in condition, laundry in upstairs office, nice neigborhood, HUGE master bedroom, favorite kitchen.

Lantern Ln.

Middle of price range, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2064 sq. ft., .2778 acres. Personal notes: LOVE IT! Property value sure to go up due to location, :), Great Master bath, great rooms upstairs (dormer windows functional), kitchen a tad small, laundry room, corner lot, small backyard, needs fence.

Stratford Dr.

Low end of price range, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 1940 sq. ft, .36 acres. Personal notes: !!Cul de sac, Sought after school districts, great yard, pantry :), cracked toilet in master bath (which is WAY SMALL), needs fence in back.

Hopefully you see what we see in these homes. Help us decide, and maybe we will let you come visit us if it goes through!! Enjoy!


The Young's said...

Um, I'm of no help. The first two are my favorite.

In the first one is the office considered one of the bedrooms? I was just thinking that perhaps you could turn one of the rooms into a guitar studio for bed and still have extra guest rooms as well as your room and Grant's. I like how large it is.

Second and third...what would the costs be for the expenses you would have to do (fences, repairs, etc). Even though the first one might be pricer...what would the other things add up to?

the binghams said...

1st one looks super cute! and a culdesac is good and quiet. YArd space is a must since you have a kid.

Lali Johnson said...

I think the third is really nice, but needing a fence is kinda a big deal.

Abs said...

you can't beat the cute factor of the middle one...DARLING!

zippy said...

LOVE the first one!! Reminds me of our first home in upstate NY...from the style to the upstairs laundry room and nice size yard. Okay so based on the info just given, I guess I'm rather biased but #1 listed is still my favorite! Plus, unless you guys are REALLY into DIY projects, it's nice to have a house that's in ready move-in condition rather than starting off with major projects to work on from the get go (like installing a fence, or replacing a toilet, etc.)

Happy continued house hunting! Hope you find one that works our well for you guys!

Emily said...

i like the first one but it looks the smallest and yet its the most expensive... I guess you gotta go for which on is the best deal- which may end up being the middle one if you're gonna end up selling it later on... wow! i'm glad i don't have to worry about buying a house! good luck you guys