Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun with the Fam

Not much has happened lately. But we have had some fun family dinners with the Witneys. Enjoy the photos! They are all out of order- I got lazy!

Scott loves taking Grant for rides on the mini-car-thing...I don't know what it's called!
I LOVE this picture of Scott and Leanne... though she doesn't, and may kill me for posting pictures of her! I think she's beautiful!
Ok, Grant pulls himself onto things, and this is him doing just that- but his legs are so spead a part!!
Poor Duncan with his little orange casts from his surgery on his thumbs... now he can bend them!!Though our son is really tiny (like 5th %tile for weight and height), he looks so FAT here... so for those who believe my son should be fatter, here you go!
Playing with the colors on my camera... Carrie didn't quite understand what I was trying to have her do... but a great picture non-the-less!
I ADORE this next picture!! I think I was trying to get Carrie's blue eyes, and I ended up getting the shirt in the corner... Oh well... BEAUTIFUL picture... LOVE IT!
Leanne has 2 rose bushes in her front yard, and this is Grant discovering roses... obviously.

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The Young's said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I like Grant's outfits! :) Hehehe

Very cute pics of the Witney family too. I like the pictures of Leanne too! :)