Saturday, April 28, 2012

Family Recreating

I'm taking a class right now called Family Recreation. It sounds more "light heart-ed", but it's actually an awesome look at the research behind recreating as a family. I'm trying to make sure we are actually doing things that will help our family unit grow in communication and cohesion. I'm able to see where we are lacking and where we are succeeding. While we love doing things together, I'm already learning so much more about the whys and hows of family recreation. Everyone should take this class!!! With all that said, I hope that this blog will be a place where I can document the things we're doing! Enjoy these pictures of some awesome fun we've been having lately.

A couple weeks ago, we thought we'd drive all the way to Mesa Falls. After driving nearly 40 miles, we were only 3 miles away, and the road was closed. Awesome. So we went to this little river where I spend time back in the day. It started snowing (strange) but we had a good time checking out the future spots for our little family to hang out. Please disregard the chubby pregnant face.... I'm working on it (via my water aerobics class!!).

Flying Kites! I think we're friends with everyone who looks at this blog on FB, so forgive the redundancy of some of these pictures/events. We flew some kites and it.was.awesome. We have a $1 kite from Target and a more expensive one we bought when we were dating. The cheap kite kicked the other kite's butt. At one point, Grant was flying a kite (Henry is pictured below) and let go of the huge spool we had attached to the kite. The kite took off and Ben had to go run 100 yrds or so to catch it. We laughed SO HARD!
 And my pregnant self flying our cheap kite (that spool is from Chile- Ben bought it on his mission and we attached it to the cheap kite... ahaha).
 This was so fun- thank you to Pinterest- we made this "water bed." It's made out of duct tape and painter's tarp. We didn't do a great job sealing it up (but we learned our lesson), but the boys jumped on it ALL DAY LONG! I can't wait to re-make it.
 Most of the time- we just laid on it like this:
 Grant had so much fun- you can see the ripple from when he jumped up.
 And of course- what water bed is complete without dad chucking the kids on it?!
 Good Form! haha

No one ever seems as excited about planes as the boys in my little family. Ben is OBSESSED with airplanes- and likewise, both boys love planes. We decided that we'd go to the local airplane museum to check out all the cool planes. We were LOVING the tour (they let us go behind the rope and stuff!) when our tour guide (Dave) pointed out the Mustang that a pilot was about to take out for a spin. We decided to go watch that. The boys were in heaven as "Ole Yeller" took off. Then another pilot walked by (the son of the first one) and Ben said to Grant, "Look Grant- that's a pilot!" Just then, the pilot walked up to us, got down to Grant's level and I thought he was going to say Hi or "what's your name", but instead he said, "Do you want to go for a ride with me?" We all about wet our pants!!! So Ben and Grant got loaded up (with in minutes of him asking) in this old plane and went for a ride. I guess this museum just acquired this particular plane, and this pilot was taking it out for his first time. He did some fun (and scary!) tricks/maneuvers made Ben feel like an excited 12 year old. I was just as excited to watch this all go down. How fun for GRANT!!!!!! Look at that smile on his face :)
And here they are- up in the sky! Henry, of course, was so upset he couldn't go, and he cried the entire time. Poor kid.

So we're already having a blast, and I can't wait for us to do MORE fun and awesome things together, as a family. If you want to come have fun with us- we'd LOVE TO HAVE YOU COME VISIT!!!


Anne said...

Wow! I love your water bed idea. How did you do it? Looks like fun. I hope we can make it over there in the very near future!

Jess said...

Well done awesome mom! I love that that man took them up in the plane - that's wonderful! Also - you look lovely pregnant - not fat at all - keep on growing!