Friday, January 18, 2013

3 months?

I can't believe I haven't posted in three months. Life has been busy. Here is a quick month to month overview.

Halloween: Grant was a bat. Henry was, well, "Just Henry." And James was being eaten by a shark! We spent it in Utah because Ben was the musical director for a folk opera called, "Deep Love." It was really cool.

Birthdays: Henry turned 3 mid November and loved it! Then 2 weeks later, grant turned 5! Crazy. All three boys had check ups and are doing really well.

Thanksgiving: we hosted our first thanksgiving at our house. Super fun.

Christmas was in California. While it was warmer than Idaho, it was still very cold. We do.d Disneyland and California Adventure. Did lots of hanging out, and ate lots of yummy treats (In n out!).

School started last week and so life is crazy. My sister watches the boys, I'm taking 12 credits and Ben teaches on campus and at some local music stores. I also made collegiate Singers and we're going to Ghana on tour in April. I love our crazy life, just not all the snow that Rexburg never plows!!

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Sarah said...

Cute pics! How's school???!!!