Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crazy Child and Good Eats

Hi everyone. I hope we are all recovered from the "historic election." I have discovered that taking pictures of Grant isn't exactly boring, but that Grant makes the same face in all the pictures. He loves the camera, so he smiles/opens his mouth as wide as he can. I also have resolved to making more dinners at home. Enjoy my latest creation!

My pictures are starting to load in reverse order... so here is the final product of my awesome dinner... look good? It was!
This was the main dish- Mexican Chicken Slow Cook. First I put half a package of taco seasoning in and mixed that with a tablespoon of flour. Then I tossed the strips of chicken in that. So top it off, I added on diced green bell pepper, about a cup of salsa and a cup of frozen corn. Cook on slow for about 5-8 hours. SO GOOD!
This was the side dish. I sliced up potatoes and then tossed them with Italian Dressing. Then I laid them out on a greased baking sheet and sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese. Then I baked for 10ish min on one side, turned them over and baked another 10ish min on the other side. Again... SO GOOD.
So we went for a walk to this park yesterday with my friend, Megan and her daughter, Maggie. My other friend, Jesie, is making Grant a hat, mittens, and a coat. So while we were at Old Navy this weekend, this cute hat and mittens set was only $2. Here is my little elf. Nice- eh?
HELLO WORLD!!! He's so funny.
So cute. Grant woke up in the middle of the night (well, a few hours after going to sleep) and this is Dad and son falling asleep on the couch. It's been SO long since they've done this. CUTE!
I LOVE these PJs. What a stud.


The Young's said...


Was your meal spicy at all? I ask, as we can't have spicy food. As far as the potatoes. We've made the same sort of thing, but you also cut up chicken that put the same stuff on top and bake it with cut up potatoes. One of the kids favorite! :)

JRid said...

Gotta love the elf picture! Classic!

Sarah said...

Great. I already ate dinner but now I'm hungry again. Are you coming for Thanksgiving or Christmas? I can't wait to see you!

Emily said...

Yum that looks good i should try it. i bought a rachel ray magazine the other day and was totally inspired. i like cooking! it's fun! and i like the pj's too:) so cute