Saturday, November 1, 2008

EvenFlow & I Got You Babe

Halloween last year was a lot of fun. But now that we have a child, we obviously have one more person to dress. I am not a fan of "cute" costumes for kids. Some are just cheaply made, while others try to hard to be "cute." So Ben and I have decided that our children are going to be unique for Halloween. So- anyone remember Pearl Jam? Anyone remember the lead singer? Well, Grant was Eddie Vedder. He totally ruined his outfit before we took pictures, but imagine our cute kid with his black rock and roll t-shirt, a red flannel shirt on top, jean shorts, high socks and black converse. He was pretty awesome... only the cool people figured out who he was!! Ben and I decided to go with Sonny and Cher. I found some awesome heals that ended up hurting my feet- so not pictured. Ben sported a Jet Black hair job... nice. All in all, we had a fun Halloween doing a Trunk or Treat, and then answering the door maybe 3 times. Enjoy our pictures!!

Here is Sonny with the former Eddie Vedder. I think we'll just call Grant "In Rehab Eddie"
Haha.. here is Cher with Rehab Eddie
And the lovely family. Rehab Eddie's face is the best. (No- I am not prego... just an awful pic)
We have seen this ghost a few times on our porch, and we finally have documentation that he exists!! hmm... looks a lot like Ben!


JRid said...

Very nice Rochelle, though I'm not opposed to some "cute" costumes for little kids...make great pictures for senior slideshows and wedding slideshows!!! ;)

This year I went as a stressed out graduate student...didn't even need to dress up!

Leah said...

Love it. Garrit and I were going to be Sunny and Cher but we couldn't find any 70's clothes at D.I. Weird, huh? They only had 80's and 90's stuff. And a lot of flowery church dresses. I guess it's good that we didn't dress 70's. You guys look WAY better than we ever could.

So, Ben, is that your real hair? I thought I was the hairiest one in the family. I guess you win.

You'll have to dress Grant up and get a picture of him now that you've hyped up his costume. I have to see him in it!

Love ya!