Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Rehearsal Dinner

Cherilyn decided to come visit early so she could get the best airfare! So, we had a "rehearsal dinner" for Thanksgiving. My mom mostly did the cooking. Here are the pics from the eveing!

Laurel (Scoobs), Hilary and Cherilyn. SO BEAUTIFUL!
My dad... wishing he were at Texas Road House, and probably thinking that Ben needs a haircut :)
Ben and the hairy beast he has become (though he has shaved the beard since last week!)
And the TURKEY!! My mom made it... doesn't it look beautiful?!?! mmmmm (oh wait, I don't like Turkey!)


Anonymous said...

You don't like turkey? Me either :)
Love the picture of your dad... totally sums up a lot of my feelings around my hubby's family :)

leannewitney said...

Um, did you eat at 9 am? It looks like Ben just rolled out of bed... haha. I'm so jealous- I miss you guys so much! :)

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Ok, I'll own up. The deleted comment above was mine.

So, is that chicken? I feel dumb asking. But it looks delicious!