Sunday, December 7, 2008

"...What is Christmas with NO SNOW..."

"...Where it's snowing
All winter through
That's where I want to be
Snowball throwing
That's what I'll do
How I'm longing to ski
Through the snow-oh-oh-oh-oh..."
-Snow, From White Christmas

Ok, I can't seem to get it out of italics... so just deal. We got our first REAL snow. Since Grant was too small to play in it last year, we took him out on his first real snow day. I thought he would shy away from it, but not so! He loved it, and was a bit sad when we took him inside (mainly because I was freezing!).

Ok, again, I keep forgetting that it is loads these backwards... does anyone else have this problem? Here is Grant after we began stripping the layers off of him! If you look closely, Grant is taking the snow off Ben's jacket! haha
Crawling in the snow. SO HAPPY!
More of the same.
Grant and Dad! I think Ben was doing a snow angel, but Grant just wanted to drum on Ben's stomach!
Me and Grant. He FIRST STEP INTO THE SNOW!! Man, do we know how to capture "firsts" or what!? haha


leannewitney said...

Grr. We have NO snow yet. Come on! It's Utah. He's getting so big, and yes- my pics load backwards too. I just cut and paste in the html part and move them around.

<3 you

Mark 'n Mindee West said...

I used to think the snow was okay, but I've lived in Nevada for 5 years (where it never snows) and now I dread traveling to Salt Lake for Christmas and dealing with the white stuff. But it would be nice just for Christmas day, then I want the 70's again!

jesieo said...

you guys are just the best parents ever, taking the little crazy one out for his first snow day... i love it! (of course now all the snow is gone and replaced with crunchy, stubborn ice)

Sarah said...

Grant looks so much like Ben; he's just missing a marshmallow.

The Smaellies said...

How fun! It looks like he really enjoyed them. And about the pictures, I can drag them anywhere on my page after I have loaded them. Than it doesnt matter what order you load them in. Give it a try!