Thursday, January 1, 2009

A little bit of everything :)

So, we have had a crazy month!  I can't believe how fast the time bas gone.  It's past 1 am on the first day of the year, and I am at a loss of words about where the time has gone!!  I think that pictures are really all I want to post right now.  So, I am going to post them small so I can fit in a lot without being obnoxious (click on the photo to see a large version).

These pictures are when Grant and I were in Lake Bluff (Chicago) visiting the family before we left for Thousand Oaks (LA).

These 3 are from our 2 year anniversary! Ben and I went to Santa Barbara, CA for the night! It was awesome. This was at the same time that the rest of the country was getting the crap kicked out of them by snow!! haha

Christmas Eve! Grant was Joseph... how cute! But it didn't even last long enough to make it to the story time, so he is sporting his awesome Mrs. Clause pjs!

Christmas Day!

Drew and Grant posing for a million pictures... I think they lost sight for at least a few moments!
And here are the paparazzi at work!  I think there are at least 3 looking in the direction of the kids!
Grant's favorite gift... look familiar Leanne?

On the way to Great Grandma Mathews home... so sleepy.
Grant and Drew actually playing nicely together!!  Probably because neither one knew the other was playing!  This was Drew's awesome gift... a talking kitchen :P

And this is the best picture of the trip!! Dads DO play with their kids! haha


JRid said...

Wow looks like fun, especially that last pic! Christmas is way more fun with little kids around. Just for the record, I would've enjoyed getting some of that snow the rest of the country "was getting the crap kicked out of it" snow here on Christmas! We at least got some for New Years...

Oh, and P.S. name a time I could come (preferably not the weekend since I have a few responsibilities at church...) and how long and I'll see if it can work. I basically have 3 weeks till I start classes!

Sarah said...

I thought Grant should have been Jesus.

Lexidesigns said...

i love the last picture. great action shot and two great dads having fun with their sons!!

leannewitney said...

Yay! I am so excited to see him. It's weird- some pictures he looks just like Mattson, and then he looks like Drew. SO CUTE!!! love ya!

Leah said...

Love it. I'm stealing that last picture.

The Young's said...

You can really tell that Mattson and Grant are possibly even siblings...weird!

So cute!