Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Plan- and maybe your new Plan

So, again, no pictures. I have a hard time reading LONG blogs... I like pictures, to I am sorry to those who are just like me.

If you have known me for a while, you'll know that I was always really thin my entire life. I had a high metabolism for some reason, but I was also crazy active in high school. I moved to Utah, and I remember as my body went from "teenage body" to "let's be an adult" body (spreading hips... I was amazed!). Again, I was still pretty active, but went up a size from that. Then, my gall bladder surgery. Even though I lost about 10-15 before the surgery- I gained that all back afterwards! And I feel that as soon as that was over, I got married and got pregnant. After Grant was born, I was excited to see the weight fall right off like it did on many s who have the same body type as me. That didn't happen. It was frustrating, but I was alright with it for a while. I knew that I wasn't working out the way I wanted to due to a fussy new born. Breastfeeding didn't happen either. THEN, we moved and lived in a place where I never wanted to cook... HELLO FAST FOOD! Holy cow- if you do not work out AND eat fast food... well... just don't!

So, now we're here in Bloomington. I have worked out/walked/done videos a lot, but still- I am not happy with where I am. I think I weight just under what I was when I was 9 months pregnant. Grrr. My husband is wonderful, of course, and always says I look good- but Christmas was really hard on me this year. I had a breakdown (so to speak). I couldn't fake my way into my jeans, my shirts all emphasized my stomach, and I felt plain ugly. I don't say this because I want all these comments about how I look really good. No- those actually bother me more, because I know what I look like. I have had a wake up call- I guess.

MY PLAN: I am eating breakfast now (even if it's just a bowl of cereal). I have a bowl of carrot sticks in the fridge along with a bowl of celery sticks that I can snack on during the day when I am bored or start feeling hungry. I am being really good about PORTION control. I made some chicken last night thinking Ben would be mad at the size of the chicken (half)... he then said, "I am full!" YEAH!!! It works! Also, I have a workout buddy! Hooray for Hilary! Even if it's not everyday, I know that I will get some work at about once or twice a week (as to opposed NONE). The mall in town has walking hours, so we are going to do that. I bought a balancing ball and I work with that sometimes, along with my 10 minute Pilates. I don't believe in DRASTICALLY changing your life. I think if I am balanced in the things I do- like work out MORE than the fast food I may eat (oh yeah, if we DO get fast food... it's a kids meal for me!), then 4 months should be a lot change coming my way. I can't wait for it to get nice out again, because I LOVE walking outside!! Grant loves it too. If Alison is reading this- let me apologize to you now- but my goal is to look better than you at your wedding!! hahaha

INVITATION: If you want to jump on board with me, I WOULD LOVE IT! However, you must weight at least 140 pounds to do so... that's my rule. haha Until I am below that weight, I don't want to hear it from you :) haha Let's keep up together!

My email address is rochelle.worthen@gmail.com

I would love to do weekly emails, telling each other how well we've done, or even how not so well we've done. We can make this a GIANT support group. Let's live our lives, but be a bit more healthy and conscience about what we do with our bodies (eating and working out). This is going to be hard. My middle name is NOT "DISCIPLINED." But I think we can all do it!
Now- get off the computer and walk around the block, make laps through your house, cut up some carrots and celery, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER (I also think I am going to flush anything I eat out with tons of water!! Used to work for me back in the day). Email me ideas, and I will do the same! Hope to hear from you all then!!

Love Rochelle


Mark 'n Mindee West said...

I envy girls who are naturally thin because I have to work very hard at it. I have experimented with all sorts of programs and here is one hint that I continue to use. I keep a small notebook on my kitchen counter. I write down EVERYTHING I eat and drink (including gum, breathmints, water, etc). I know it sounds a little crazy, but at the end of the day sometimes you will be surprised. And it's kind of a motivation to not eat that twinky because it will have to go down on paper for you to look back at later. Plus then I can evaluate my food group breakdown and see if I've eaten a well balanced diet. At the bottom of the page I write any exercise I did. Including little things like stretching, lifting dumbbells while I watch TV, or walking around the house while I'm on the phone, etc. Seeing it all on paper gives me motivation and I can compare my progress from week to week. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and I think your plan is great!

Alison said...

Haha...yay!!! I made it into your blog! Rochelle, I am proud of you, GO YOU! I know you can do it :) And, about you looking better at my wedding...well that is a possibility considering I am doing AWFUL at the ''LGN'' diet (look good naked). Pretty sure since I got engaged I've been the worse I've ever been in my life at not working out! So...we'll see what happens with me. As for you, good for being motivated!

Anonymous said...

I would love to join you but I'm hoping when this baby coming outs, it will be a magical weight loss. (I know it prolly won't but here's hoping). Good luck Rochelle. Keep me updated on your progress.

Louise said...

Way to go Rochelle! You will be successful! I'll joining you. I work with a great counterpart on the computer called CalorieKing.com. It tells me just how many calories I put in my mouth and how many I have left for the day. It's been a surprise, just how many calories are in things. There is a membership fee, but it's very cheap. I think it's well worth it. Check it out.

Yeah, I gave up artery clogging burgers a long time ago. I want to live to see my cute grandkids!

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

yay for exercise!! So, I know where your coming from except for me it was just being married and no longer walking up hills to get to class that did me in (the added weight). I think you'll lose the weight in about 4-6 months. Depending on what you weight now. I've been exercsing and watching my weight for 3 months now and lost a total of 20 pounds...and i still have a lot to do. But, i've added extra muscle (yay, it weights more than fat and it burns fat faster) and slimmed down my thigh/butt area. So...i'm pretty sure you read my blog to know what i do...and it's basically what you do. I started out doing 10 minutes a day and now i'm up to 30-40 minutes a day of cardio/strength/toning. And i eat a strict diet of what i call the Word of Wisdom diet (whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean meats, and red meat sparingly) and one day a week is allowed to a cheat meal. Good luck!!!