Friday, January 23, 2009


I left my camera in Chicago (I think), so there is no picture. Grant is up and walking all the time. He still makes us laugh and we are having a good time watching him dance to music (head banging... he's Ben's son), clap, do patty cake and itsy bitsy spider, and our new favorite... his manners. Grant knows how to ask for things. He says please, in sign language. And he says please all the time! He walks around with his little hand on his chest and pulls with all his might! He'll say please if you say "what do you say?" or if you ask, "Do you want more?" He even starts asking for please if he sees ANY food! Now the trick is start teaching him that just because he asks, doesn't mean he'll get it! One day, he'll actually talk!!


Kyle and Alyssa said...

That's awesome!! He sure grows fast
When are you coming to Rexbug? jk once you leave there's no return, right?

JRid said...

Talking should be coming any day now based on all the vocals I heard when I was there! They grow up so fast!

The Young's said...

Oh, the talking will come and then half the time you have NO clue what they are saying!

Louise said...

Dear Ben and Rochelle.

I'm in withdrawal! I miss GRANT! He is so cute.

Oh, and you guys are cute, too.